Movie Titles That Lied Straight To Your Face

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  • When we watch movies, we assume that the title always has some sort of meaning and that it is related to the movie. And in most cases, this is usually the case, but there are times, when the directors choose titles that are not really true, if we may say.

    The Lone Ranger, 2013

    In the movie, The Lone Ranger, the ranger in that movie is actually never alone. In fact, throughout the whole movie he always has his sidekick Tonto next to him. Which then shows that the Lone Ranger was not that alone after all. But then the movie can’t be called The Ranger and His Sidekick, so that’s that.

    Happiness, 1998

    If you are looking for a movie that pulled the Greenland and meilleur jeux casino trick on you, then you have it right here. Happiness is about everything else but happiness. In the movie, we follow a sexual predator, an author who hates herself as well as a man who cheats on wife. Like we said everything else but happiness.

    The Karate Kid, 2010

    This is movie that had some of the most mixed feelings from an audience ever. While some say it was amazing, there are those who think it was waste of time. However, what we want to point is that Jaden Smith who played the Karate Kid, was actually being taught kung fun and not karate. But there is no harm in that as we know that we can’t get it all right. Even roulette online games make such mistakes after all.

    John Dies at the End, 2012

    From the title of the movie, you would want to see at least things. One, who this John, two, why he has to die and lastly why he has to die at the end. The movie is a horror and it’s a good watch, as it gets an overall 59% rating from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. But in the movie, John dies in the middle, annulling the whole title of the movie.