Top 5 Casino Games to play in 2020

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  • When heading to a casino, whether at a physical establishment or virtually online (as has become the new normal in 2020 given everything that has gone on in the world recently), picking a type of game can be incredibly hard as there are so many different offerings now widely available.

    Whilst each game type has hundreds and thousands of different variants available within each category, finding the best type of game to play and place wagers on can be an overwhelming task to begin with, especially for players who do not have too much experience with the industry and are looking for the best the best casino games.

    Fear not, as this list will provide players with the top five styles of games that are available to play and provides just some of the reasons as to why they are considered to be among the best in 2020.


    One thing that will be instantly noticeable when exploring a casino of any type for a potential game to play is the sheer number of slot machine titles that are available. This is because they are the easiest games to play that require no level of skill but can also be incredibly fun, whilst making time fly by with enjoyment.

    The slots are one of the most popular games for gamblers to play as there are no strategies involved, whilst they also offer an experience of gameplay that other casino games unfortunately can not, whilst potential winnings from spins can be through the roof at times, especially if they offer progressive jackpots. Some of the most popular titles to have ever been produced include Starburst, Mega Moolah, Sizzling Spins and Gonzo’s Quest, although this is just the tip of the iceberg.


    Roulette is perhaps one of the oldest casino games to have ever existed, however it has stood the test of time as players continue to bet on red or black (or certain numbers) as they watch the wheel spin in the hope that the ball lands where they need it to. With just a simple spin of the wheel, the rest comes down to luck.

    There are a number of variations that players can sink their teeth into, with American, European and French roulette the most popular, most of which you will find are catered for on modern platforms of either Android or iOs.


    Blackjack is another casino classic and perhaps one of the most popular games that players tend to favour when looking for a style of game to play. With a simple aim of trying to make cards total 21, there is no real advantage for the house and odds can be in the player’s favour at times, depending on the way the deck has been dealt.

    Just like the three aforementioned games, the card game has also been made available digitally and has become an instant hit with bettors.

    Video Poker/Poker (traditional)

    Think of a casino and Poker is a game that will immediately be thought of as a game offering that is hugely popular. It is a classic card game that is played by players all over the world and one that has a number of different strategies that can be used to try and beat the rest of the table. Therefore, it provides some thought process and keeps bettors’ brains ticking, unlike other casino games.

    There are hundreds of variants of Poker, especially in online casinos, with a number of games being branded or following novelty stories, whilst Video Poker provides a realistic approach and environment to the traditional game with a few different rules that are slightly different to the classic version.


    Keno is perhaps the unknown game in this top five, however its popularity amongst bettors in casinos means it continues to surge up the rankings as a game that needs to be played when given the chance. It is a very easy to learn game that becomes extremely quick to play, as it follows a lottery-style in which players choose a variety of numbers that could be chosen at random by the house in order to win big.

    Just like some of the other games on the list, the simplicity of it makes it one of the top games to be available in casinos.