7 Awesome Dog Care Websites You Need to Check Out

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  • Keeping a pup in your home is a responsibility you alone may not be able to match up to. Thank God, we have the internet and there are hundreds and thousands of dog care websites. From finding a cute, smart, or a sexy name for your dogs to getting to the freshest food or the smartest toys, these websites help us a great deal.

    It so happened that I had a young pup Sanito who had a mild bug infestation. My dog was not his usual self. He was biting himself and was also irritated. But it took us some 10 days to realize that he had bug infestation. Then, we realized that it’s not just this small one but even the two seniors that we had in our home was having some bug infestations.

    I knew I can easily find dog shampoos that can kill virtually everything on the dogs’ bodies, but I was a bit apprehensive about using that shampoo on the small pup. Will he be able to put up with this? Or will it harm him. It made me research about the ways I can treat the bugs on my pup. Finally, I was able to find out some high-performance 100% natural shampoos that can kill all the bugs on the pup’s body.

    I was incredibly happy with the result and I used the same shampoo on the senior dogs as well. Ever since, for everything that has to do with the dogs, I would search the Internet. In this post, I am going to talk about 10 dog care sites that you must know if you are a dog parent. Without these websites, keeping a pup happy or healthy was never so easy.

    Get the best food

    Let’s begin with the most important thing: Dog Food. We all love to see our dogs well-fed and content. But there are restraints to be exercised as more food means imbalanced growth and propensity to diseases.

    A healthy nutritious and balanced food for your dog is, therefore, especially important. I would advise you to check out Freshpet for fresh, healthy and truly nutritious food for your dog. The website is cool and elegant with soft colors and a nice theme.

    Find your breed type

    Dog lovers have their choices. Someone would like to have a cuddly companion while another one would want a family dog. Someone could be allergic and would like to have a dog with better hygiene while others may look to adopt a dog who has been abandoned and is looking for a new home.

    How do you reach and get your dream dog? I suggest you check out DoggieDesigner. No matter what your choices are, we are sure you will find your match there. This great site will give you all the must-know information about any dog breed out there, including purebred and mixed breeds.

    Find him a good name

    After you have brought home a puppy, the next big thing is to give a name. And it’s not easy. Everybody in the home has their choices in the matter. It’s better to go to a website and see what options are there. Thank God, there is a lot of material out there.

    But we would suggest you check out DogTime. It’s not exactly a puppy name website but a general, and a grand one at that, dog care website with loads of attractive names for you to choose for your dog. You can choose according to the gender, breed type, or based on some smart themes.

    Keep him in good health

    As a member of your family, your dog counts on the family for its health and welfare. There can be many occasions when it would require seeing a veterinarian. This can be when it is sick. It is different from visiting the veterinarian for routine vaccination.

    Since this is an important and sensitive topic, we would advise you to be extra careful about your dog’s health. In this respect, we would like to suggest you to regularly check out the health page of American Kennel Club. It has massive information on the site and it also offers consultations on dog’s health.

    Buy a health insurance

    No matter how much care you take, your dog can still get seriously sick. This is something true with all living things including us. The cost of medical care for your dog can run into huge sums of money. If you have not taken pet insurance, the cost of your dog’s treatment can throw your budget out of gear.

    So, let’s do the wise thing. Buy health insurance for your dog. But take your vet’s suggestion in this regard. Once it’s clear, we would suggest going for Geico. It’s a professionally managed insurance company with a focus on pets. You can get somebody to explain all the details over the phone.

    Give your dog training

    Your dog needs training and that too at the earliest. You cannot waste much time on this. To be able to find an instructor near you, we can suggest a very rich resource — BringFido. It has trainers listed for all important cities.

    And these instructors come with their ratings and reviews. The website is user-friendly, and the data is quite exhaustive. So, there should be no problem to find a suitable instructor for your dog, no matter what breed type it is and how easy or difficult your dog is.

    Travelling with your dog

    If you are planning to take your dog to the next vacation, you need to do a whole lot of preparations. Not all tourist destinations allow pet dogs. In this context, Go Pet Friendly is a great site both in resources and style.

    It maintains an exhaustive list of destinations where you can take your dog with you. It also talks about the terms and conditions. This makes your job easy and you go travelling with your dog without any further worry about its entry.

    Final thoughts

    So, these are the sites that contain specific information about dog care. If you have a dog at home or planning to bring one, you should go through these sites and acquaint yourself with relevant information so that you are better prepared to deal with the circumstances you may encounter.