Casino games: Desktop vs Mobile

We are now at a time where people no longer need to go to actual casinos before they can enjoy the thrill of gambling. Modern technology has made it so that from the comfort of your mobile device one can easily play a hand at poker, roll dice in a virtual game of roulette or play online slots. Be it in your own home or on the go, the casino is always with you. Our lead author here is Daniel Bennet and he will walk us through these devices, their similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages.


Way back when the closest thing to using a mobile device to gamble was phoning in to place your bets and funny enough phones were not even mobile yet. But these devices have evolved and now they participate in online casino games with live dealers, which is way more interesting than a phone call to the bookmakers. Mobile phones and now tablets now possess immense computing power so gaming on the go is easy as ABC. Over 75 percent of Canadians own mobile devices.


  • Mobility

The first and most obvious is of course mobility and flexibility of location. This has enabled gamers to play from anywhere as long as there is a connection established. A user can punt without being in a fixed position. This mobility ensures that they are able to play while on the go without being limited to one place.

  • Saves time

Time is no longer wasted while traveling from different locations in trying to get to a bet house or casino which may not necessarily be near you. You can now access all the popular casino games and free online slots over a secure channel. This also reduces unnecessary commuting expenses.

  • Ease of use

Of course being a mobile device online casinos have optimized their platforms for relatively easier use, hence giving a streamlined experience to mobile gambling.


  • Poor battery life

As is the case with all mobile devices, battery life is an ever-present issue. Due to their small size, they cannot be fitted with huge batteries and tethering them to a wall would inherently defeat the idea of mobility.

  • Small screens

Another downside of using a mobile device is their limited real estate in the display department. With mobile phones going as big as 6.8 inches in recent times we can say there’s definitely an improvement, but can we say that is enough? Surely there is a better alternative and that is mobile tablets as they provide a middle ground between pc and mobile devices with screens going up to 15 inches.

  • Graphic Limitations

As powerful as smartphones have become they are still a tad limited in computing power and are therefore not able to deliver a full-scale gambling experience. Events such that require live dealers will be largely unavailable to mobile devices.

  • PC

Based on recent statistics, the majority of online gamers have ascertained that a full-screen online casino experience is much more ideal than that of a mobile device. Also, the desktop version of these online casinos is much more feature-packed and easier to navigate. Users can also see more in-game menus and statistics of slots and board games. At the same time, players have access to much more casino games than the mobile version. Professional poker players who play online as a means of income will also attest to the use of a desktop computer.


  • A large display

One of the main reasons people use PCs for their online gaming is because of the convenience of a large screen which facilitates easier navigation.

  • More features and games

One must agree the plus side of using desktop versions of online casinos is the availability of a wide range of games. Aside from that playing these games will come with features that may not be available in the mobile version because of limited screen size or computing power.


  • Large size

Due to the sheer size and bulk of its components, the pc is impossible to carry around and this is the trump card mobile devices hold over PCs.

  • Cost

PCs come at quite the cost and this is due to the extensive peripherals and components embedded within, so if you want to get a good PC that will not fail you while trying your hand at blackjack, you need to shell the big bucks.


Whether to use a pc or mobile device is down to personal preference or need for use. What that means is that as someone looking to build a professional career a pc will be more advisable but as a casual gambler mobile device will suit you just fine.


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