Why are retro games still so popular?

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Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies around for people to get involved with. Many people argue that it is THE most prominent form of entertainment around currently – outshining even TV or movies. The stats around gaming as a whole make it hard to dispute that fact. Video games made $120.1bn in 2019, while online casino gaming also brought in billions over the same period. When you combine both these aspects of gaming, it is clear to see what rude health the whole sector is enjoying.

You may assume that this popularity is all to do with shiny new consoles (like the PS4 or upcoming PS5), the latest online casinos, and modern blockbuster games like the Narcos slot or the Call of Duty franchise. While this is undoubtedly a significant player, retro gaming is also popular. But why is this?


Nostalgia is a major draw when you look at the appeal of retro games in the modern world. Old school fruit-themed slots at PA online casino real money sites are a great illustration of why. If you want the best to try out for a retro fix, check out BonusSeeker.com today – they round up the top online casinos around that carry many types of games, including these.

The simple fact is that playing retro casino or video games evokes happy memories for older gamers. They remind people who grew up playing them of simpler times when they had none of the worries of adult life. By playing them again, they are transported back to those times and feel great. Of course, younger players are also getting into retro games to see what all the fuss is about!

Better games and characters

Many people play retro games because they like them better than modern versions. Many fans of the older games believe them to come with better game design, stronger storylines, and more exciting characters. The enduring character of ‘Super Mario’ is an excellent example of how retro characters seem stronger than those in games today. Many even prefer the more distinctive yet older style of graphics.

Many fans of retro games also believe that modern games do not offer this. As in the latest movies, many retro gamers do not like the over-reliance that modern games have on technology to wow fans. They instead prefer the greater emphasis older games put on design, character, and story. As with the best horror movies around, retro games use fantastic stories and characters to great effect.

More rewarding and straightforward gameplay

Many retro gamers also love playing older titles or new games with an old-school theme because it is more rewarding. You only have to look at any retro-themed slot to see this. With a simple to grasp set-up, you simply had to focus on having fun and trying to win. The same attraction is also there for retro video games. Many fans think that the gameplay is better because it is more difficult. Many older games were packed with fiendish puzzles and had no tutorials or online hints to help. That meant you had no choice but to figure it out yourself. When you finally did, the feeling of satisfaction was immense – the quick fixes of modern gaming do not come close.

Retro games easy to find and inexpensive

Convenience is something that we all look for in our lives. The ease with which you can access retro games fits with this and explains why they are still so popular. When it comes to casino games online, there are many examples with a nostalgic feel at most internet casinos. A simple search on any top online casino will quickly take you to a retro-themed slot to enjoy, with no fuss. Many now are also free to play, so you do not have to spend money having fun if you do not want to.

The same is true for retro video games. The re-release of old hardware consoles like the PS1 makes it very easy to enjoy older titles. Many come pre-loaded with classic games, so you do not have the time and hassle of buying them separately. Retro-themed video games can also be found online at game emulator sites. These are usually free to play and give an easy, quick way to take a step back in time.

Retro gaming remains popular

Gaming is an industry with lots of history. Whether it is classic games on old systems like the SEGA Mega Drive or old school slots you remember at your local bar, this way of staying entertained has been around for a while now. There is no doubt that playing retro games is still popular, and the above facts sum up why that is the case.


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