Top Six Websites for Watching Cartoons

People love watching cartoons, regardless of their age, to get rid of all the stress and seek enjoyment in life. Cartoons are the ideal stress buster and enable people to relax and unwind in times of stress and strain. There are several websites where you can watch cartoons for free online, anytime as you like.

However, given the tons of options available, making a choice and finding the most reliable one can be a bit overwhelming. Are you on the lookout for the best applications or websites to enjoy a good cartoon online? If the answer to your question is yes, then you are in the right place. Here, we will list out the six most perfect websites or applications for enjoying cartoons.


YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular and reliable web platforms globally for cartoon lovers. It is an incredible platform with an extensive collection of cartoon library where you can enjoy some fun cartoons. The platform has a massive number of active users on per day basis and an extensive collection of 30 million videos.

Thus, it should not be difficult for you to search for a cartoon of your choice in any category that you like. Enter the name and category on YouTube, and you will 100% get what you are seeking. Martha, an educator who offers assignment help, shares her experience, saying that Tom n Jerry was her favourite show as a child, so anytime she wishes to relax, she turns on the cartoon on YouTube.


It is a well-designed website, which hosts a good variety of cartoon shows for you to enjoy. The website’s interface is highly appreciative, and it makes searching for your favourite cartoon so easy and effortless.

You can easily filter the cartoons that you want to watch by genre, movies, series, ongoing, or with any other advanced filter option. There are some annoying advertisement policies of the websites, which many of you may hate, other than that; the website has a sound playback and a comprehensive collection of cartoons.


For anyone who wishes to enjoy cartoons in HD, Nickelodeon is the most genuine and authentic platform for kids, suggests Saina, a calculus online tutorand uses the website frequently for her little ones. The platform has a phenomenal collection of cartoons.

There is also an option of playing online games or listening to the radio on Nickelodeon. It is easy for you to look for your favourite cartoon or TV shows and browse through new videos on the website. The platform is free and is obsessively used by users from around the world.

Cartoon Network

One of the most loved websites of young children (and every cartoon lover) is a cartoon network. It allows you to enjoy free cartoons anytime, anywhere, and for free. The website of the cartoon network has more than 30,000 cartoons and movies for users to enjoy. These will interest the children and adults who wish to enjoy a good cartoon from the website.

There is an excellent feature on the website that you will love, and that is that you can filter the videos by cartoon characters you like. Another notable feature of this website is that there aren’t any ads. So, there will never be any annoying pop-ups while you enjoy your cartoons.


Another genuine and reliable platform for kids to watch cartoons online is Toonjet. Toonjet is solely dedicated to the renowned cartoon fare and has all the top-viewed cartoons from Disney’s to Tom n Jerry and Mickey Mouse. Shelly, who offers the best online python coursesays that she loves Toonjet for their contemporary cartoon collection, like the Pokemon series and Samurai Jack. The website allows you to rate the cartoons and even give your feedback on them. It is a free website. So, enjoy your favourite without bearing any subscription cost.

Cartoons On

One of the most genuine and reliable cartoon websites for cartoon lovers worldwide is Cartoons On, shares Natasha, who works as a java homework help provider, and loves to watch cartoons in her free time. It is a free website.

So, you do not have to pay for it at all, and you can enjoy your favourite cartoon in HD anytime you like. The website seems like a whole library of phenomenal cartoons.

So, if you want to stick to just one website for all your cartoon requirements, this can be your pick. The website has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, which is helpful for users. One of the platform’s likable factors is that you can access it anytime with your device, even your tablets, and phones.

Bottom Line

According to us, these are the best cartoon websites that you can use whenever you wish to watch a good cartoon online for free. We have only listed out free websites. So, you will surely love using them.

Try them, and do let us know in the comment box below which one you like the most and why. If you have more website suggestions, do let our readers know about it below.


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