7 Best Pandemic-related Shows to Watch on Netflix

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  • 7 Best Pandemic-related Shows to Watch on Netflix

    Coronavirus outbreak forces many people to stay inside their houses across the world. Now people have enough time to catch up with the best movies. However, Netflix remains a great entertainment option with a variety of thriller movies to watch.

    Fortunately, there are also many pandemic related movies to keep you occupied and entertained on Netflix. However, some episodes are only available in specific geographic regions such as US Netflix. Netflix VPN allows you to access and watch such films no matter where you’re located.

    Here are pandemic related shows you can’t miss to watch on Netflix:

    1. Pandora (2016)

    Pandora is a disaster action film from South Korea. The movie is influenced by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown that occurred in 2011. In the movie plot, radioactivity seems to continue rising in the country; however, the president advisors decide to keep the dark information.

    Prong-Seok decides to warn everyone, but unfortunately, everyone ends up shutting him down. Time passes, and the situation continues to go spiral.

    The movie is for anyone who wants to bawl his or her eyes. After watching the movie, you’re left spellbound with anticipation of what next.

    2. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

    Weeks Later is a horror movie with a story of what happened after months since the epidemic ended after wiping the British Isles. After 28 Weeks Later, the distribution ended, and the US Army arrived to restore the site.

    As British refugees return to their land, unfortunately, there is one who brings the unwanted ally – virus. The site remains in utter mayhem.

    If you’re Juan Fresnadillo’s thriller Intracto fan, this movie is for you. The film will exceed your expectations.

    3. 93 days (2016)

    Ninety-three days is a drama-thriller film based on Ebola. Ebola was discovered in 1976 but expected end. Unfortunately, another outbreak came in 2014. The spread started in West Africa to the US and the UK.

    The film is about the way the outbreak was controlled in Nigeria. In the country, there were valiant efforts to contain the disease.

    If you would like to know what would happen when a deadly infectious disease arrives in a megacity, 93 days is the movie to watch.

    4.    Pandemic (2016)

    Pandemic is a movie that shows the effort the world takes to prevent the disease outbreak. The film was released and coincided with the current rising COVID-19 epidemic.

    The movie scene started in New York. Dr. Syra Madad was preparing a hospital system that will help curb the disease outbreak. Unfortunately, there is a limited budget. Later, the story unfolds with harsh realities worldwide after many lives are affected by the pandemic.

    Pandemic is a great movie to watch on Netflix. However, this movie is for everyone who wants to learn more about the current outbreak, coronavirus.

    5.    Contagion (2011)

    Contagion is another perfect film to watch on Netflix. The film is about a deadly disease that has reached every corner of the world. Unfortunately, both the public health officials and governments are powerless on how to handle the pandemic.

    The story of this movie hits a little close to the current coronavirus headlines. However, the story behind contagion feels a little cathartic, especially with hand sanitizing and wearing face masks.

    Contagion film is a drama-thriller and medical experts race to stop the unknown virus that causes a global pandemic. It is suitable for those who want to know how to handle the current epidemic.

    6.    I Am Legend (2007)

    I Am Legend is a scientific horror movie influenced by “I Am Legend” novel by Richard Matheson. The story is about the last man who remains on earth, The Omega Man. Will Smith stars in this movie. It is about a virus created to cure cancer, but it has wiped humankind, and Neville acts as the last man alive.

    Many years pass searching for other survivors, but he has to fight mutant lurk. If you love horror blend with sci-fi, this movie will elevate you beyond expectations.

    7.    Cargo (2017)

    Cargo is a horror film that carves out some tender time as a father takes a journey to travels across the Australian outback, aiming to save his daughter.

    The story is about Andy, who only has 48 hours left to take his child, Rosie, to safety. His journey is to transverse across the countryside in Australia searching for shelter but meets the characters of myriad shades: a woman planning to escape from captivity, indigenous people believing the land is sick, an intelligent aboriginal girl, and a cruel man with humanity buried deep inside.

    The film portrays the conflict that results from a human mind that knows about the endgame and the sinister change in the human body. Despite Andy changing, he can’t forget things like his wife’s favorite perfume and to save his daughter.


    If you have to quarantine during this pandemic time, watching TV is a great way to allow hours to pass. We know that, and we have provided you with the best pandemic-related shows to watch on Netflix.