Overpopulation Problem: How Can We Avoid This?

Overpopulation is an undesirable state of affairs when the number of people already exceeds or threatens the stability and the capacity of our planet. It would be now hard to argue that the excess population all across the globe is normal. With dozens of initiatives and projects aimed to solve this issue in the long run, some individuals still can’t decide whether these approaches would prove effective.

Numerous technological and scientific advancements, ranging from agriculture to medical developments, undoubtedly helped to create decent living conditions. Believe it or not, but we can stop overpopulation in a greater cause of facilitating a sustainable world for other generations. For your comfort, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective approaches to tackle the population growth. Check them out and see what you can do to reduce the scale of the overpopulation issue, as follows.


One of the most useful approaches, which is often overlooked, is the existence of family planning programs. With regard to common risks we should remember about, one should remember that climate change, biodiversity loss, and energy insecurity are direct consequences of the population excess. Family planning and access to reproductive health treatment and opportunities for both men and women are required.

Undoubtedly, population growth is a problem that can take unpredictable consequences, reaching up to 10-12 billion individuals up to 2015. A range of developed countries has already implemented dozens of estimating programs, helping individuals to control fertility rates. Even though individuals across the country now use contraception widely, the fertility rates are far from the situation when all unintended pregnancies would end.

With regard to particular approaches, government funding for fertility treatments allows getting free contraceptives. The same goes for initiatives of municipalities related to discouraging sprawl development on their territories. Although these programs are aimed to discourage uncontrolled growth of the human population on the local level, they can curb problems related to individual efforts to control themselves.


One of the greatest issues associated with the uncontrolled increase of the world population is an unjust role of females all across the globe. While most developed states have already adopted sufficient programs to empower women, the developing countries fail in this regard.

Birth rate statistics are hard to monitor and track in those countries, whereas the instances of child marriage and no information on sex education make the entire situation even worse. According to independent studies, females with accessible contraception, eventually having more ways to claim birth control. In the case of young women, having a chance to use modern contraception tools allows controlling each and every birth rate.

While those individuals have fewer children, they also have better odds of getting adequate health care services. All these arguments prove that problems associated with females being underpowered in various regions and areas in our world should be solved. Ultimately, the empowerment of females is among the most effective approaches to avoid a global crisis of the excessive population.

Training is a Must

Although the aspects of empowerment and adequate planning are equally important, the aspect of training and getting acquainted with overpopulation is obligatory. In other words, a decent decision to overpopulation would be proper training and an abundance of literature. You can start with basics; be sure to educate yourself about population issues. Believe it, the population matters, especially from a perspective of controlling its scale.

The adequate tools related to training are focused on making training entertaining. One can start with browsing available population media focused on overpopulation. In a similar manner, it should be noteworthy to mention that books, TV shows, radio, and podcasts are helpful everywhere.

When it comes to developing states low on resources or coverage of the Internet, facilitating social workers is necessary. During the last years, specialized enlightenment is available through various communication channels that can be accessed in just a few clicks. After all, don’t forget that sustainable development focuses on enlightenment, especially in the case of low cost training for all interested individuals.

Country-related Initiatives

Even though much can be done to provide sufficient training on the individual level, incentives from governments have long proved their efficiency. A great example one can imagine is global warming, which incorporated various governments to tackle it shortly. When it comes to governments and their role, funding local initiatives, providing free contraceptives, and holding specialized events are top-notch decisions.

The role of governments is indisputable in solving all family troubles, including the population overshoot regarding social and environmental aspects. Possible positive implications of those governments include both financial and resource-based support to shed light on how to have a child. For that same reason, we urge all governments to unite efforts on tackling overshoot.

Start with Yourself

One of the greatest achievements one can start to tackle the population overshoot is starting with yourself. In case you’re curious to start right now, share your household with others, including your friends and relatives. The crucial point is that these small steps are easy to initiate, whereas your personal contribution can work for the better cause. If you’re about to start a family life by yourself, be sure to discuss parenthood with your partner beforehand.

Some individuals might also consider looking in the direction of the one-child approach. The same goes for an overall awareness concerning your personal contribution to tackling our shared responsibility. While you can agitate for the one-child policy or work hard to join community initiatives, being aware by yourself is absolutely necessary. Starting with yourself and your own life is a great way to show an example to your surroundings, including friends and acquaintances.

In a Word

Overshoot in terms of population is a severe diagnosis for our planet. With a direct threat to dozens of species and the stability of energy and food supplies, being conscious about the future of our planet is wise. In such regard, taking a closer look at what we do and how we perceive overshoot per se is essential. The list of possible solutions mentioned earlier is not conclusive.

If you are confident enough that other initiatives for community projects might help, consider creating a new organization or join the existing ones. Since the forecast for our planet looks grim, uniting our forces to raise awareness is certainly required. After all, only we, humans, are capable of saving our planet to be a better place for our children and future generations.


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