The Case for Keeping Online Casinos as the Only Casinos

Did you know that the live casino scene online has eclipsed the in-person gambling scene? You wouldn’t know it if you asked a Las Vegas casino owner or an Atlantic City blackjack table operator. They will tell you that all is fine and they are making money hand over fist while occasionally letting the players win a little bit here and there.

Gov. Murphy orders indefinite shutdown of Atlantic City casinos to reduce spread of COVID-19 | Casinos & Tourism |

However, the online casino scene has exploded over the last decade in a way that is frightening for physical casinos. Why would anyone want to come to a smelly, stuffy, overpriced casino floor when they can sit at home comfortably and play the same games at their own leisure while eating junk food that they got on sale rather than expensive casino food? They wouldn’t, and that is what the gambling scene is noticing.

Over the past few years, online casinos have eclipsed the physical ones. That means some of the profits from the physical ones are going straight to the competitors, but it also means that there is a bigger market than ever before. These online casinos are attracting people who would otherwise not go to a casino.

Reaching Those Not Usually Being Reached

Who is taking the time to open up a live casino game on their phone or tablet who would not visit a casino in person? These would be people who live far away from a casino or those who don’t like big crowds. The online casinos also attract people who are afraid of the cost of going to a casino and who want to control their expenses. These same casinos are bringing in payers who have disabilities, who may not be able to go to a casino in person because of a health issue.

The live casino scene is reaching people in more ways than just through accessibility. They also offer free games, which is going to entice people who have no money or who are not sure they want to commit to spending money. Like any free online service, there is a chance to use the service for free, but there are more rewards for those who can pay at least a little bit.

We have seen similar models work very well for video games like Fortnite, PUBG, and other free-to-play models. Those who pay more than the base entry free are entitled to better rewards, cooler prizes and a richer experience. It works the same way with online casino games. This kind of model is especially lucrative for casinos since it costs so little to develop and operate these services.

A Safe Space

Now more than ever, people are looking for a way to stay safe while they enjoy their hobbies. Casinos are often crowded and may be frequented by thieves and other unsavory characters. Online services allow people to circumvent all of that, protecting themselves from germs and viruses as well. That’s very attractive for people who are afraid they might catch something in a crowded space or who are afraid of being taken advantage of by either a dealer, a conman or a pickpocket.

We’re not saying that only cowards will use an online gambling site, but people in general are more concerned about their safety and about the rampant crime in major cities. They can avoid riots and other dangerous activities that may be taking place near them and still get their gambling fix. It just makes sense to take an activity like gambling that already carries some inherent risk and make it as safe as possible. That is bound to attract new people to the hobby.

Is the future of the casino online only? It may be, but not for some time. The physical casinos are not going away immediately, but it’s possible they will dwindle and phase out over time, especially in areas where there is plenty of internet coverage and people have easy access to online games. That’s where the video game market has gone in recent years, with retailers like GameStop all but closing down thanks to the rise in online purchases. The casino market is bound to see a similar case as the online market continues to grow exponentially.

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