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The gaming and tech industry has made tremendous strides in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago when gaming was considered a waste of time. However, as of late, the opinions may beg to differ. Not only is gaming considered a great way to bond and kill time, but a career in gaming is very much possible now. Yes, you read that right. There are several ways to make a living off playing games. Here are ten ways to earn money via gaming.

Videogame Testing

Videogame testing is perhaps the oldest way of making money off games. Game developers are often seeking the input of experienced players before making the games available to the public. Upon accepting the job, videogame testers find bugs and glitches in the game. The individuals are also required to state their experience, as well as suggestions to improve the gameplay.

As games have gained prominence over the years, a generous income is guaranteed. In the US, the average salary of a tester is close to $45,000, capping out at up to$70,000.

Online Betting

Betting on conventional sports has been done throughout history. But how different is esports from traditional sports? Although the nature of games may vary, both require talent and unmatched skill. Thus, enabling esports to have its betting platform. The system is in its infancy, yet providing an opportunity for gamers and gamblers alike to make an earning off betting.

Platforms such as Betway Review, Betway Sports, Spin Sports are considered the most reputable and credible betting websites. Betting your money online may seem questionable, but the webpages mentioned above are fully legalized and authentic.


Arguably the platform where it all began. Gaming had existed for several decades before YouTube came into the equation. Nevertheless, YouTube was the first platform to make a career in gaming possible. The only requirement being a console or PC for gaming, and recording the gameplay footage, paired up with commentary.

Becoming an established content-creator is a pipedream for most now. Reaching the top ranks on YouTube is not easy, but if one manages to gain popularity, earning in millions will not be farfetched. For instance, PewDiePie is a great example, earning up to $15 million a year!

Twitch Streaming

YouTube is generally used for viewing prerecorded videos. On the other hand, Twitch allows for a more interactive experience between the community and the streamer. How? By enabling gamers to stream their gameplay live from their home or studio, simultaneously engaging with the community as well. Most esports events and championships are broadcasted on the platform, along with content from other niches as well.

Similar to YouTube, earning in the millions is possible on Twitch; Ninja, Shroud, and DrDisrespect are a great example. Though, unlike the top earners on Twitch, the average income for a streamer ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 a year. But that is subject to increase the more time and effort you put into your transmission.


Success in esports can make you a millionaire overnight. Over the years, many such players have come into the spotlight, out of nowhere. Taking the 17-year-old Fortnite pro, Bugha, as an example. Bugha was unknown to a majority of players. Fortnite did have its established professionals, but in 2019’s world championship, Bugha’s domination came as a shock to most. Crowned as the best Fortnite player, Bugha took home $3 million that night.

However, this also means the revenue stream is significantly inconsistent and requires talent and dedication. Lacking even one of the qualities would drastically decrease your chances of success.

Game Developer

So, what if you can’t earn from playing or streaming a game? Working as a game developer is also an option for you. Massive companies hire game developers with an average of $85,000 per year. Game development is often considered a stressful occupation. Companies often force the employees to work overtime, even on weekends.

The opportunities are limitless when it comes to game development. Several indie developers have gone on to make billions of dollars off just one game. One such example is of Minecraft and its creator Markus Persson, who sold the game to Microsoft for over $2 billion.


As of recent, freelancing as a videogame coach has become a possibility. Teaching new players the mechanics and strategies of a game can earn you a handsome amount of money. The coachable games are mostly limited to competitive games, especially the ones played in esports. These include Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Valorant, and many more.

However, this does mean that your expertise in the game will determine your worth. Extensive knowledge of a game will allow you to train even the most advanced players, earning you relatively more than teaching a novice. Hence, the charges average from $5 to $200/hr.

In-game Currency

Mass-multiplayer-online games, MMOs, have a system of its currency baked into them. People lead busy lives, often unable to play and grind for consecutive hours. Thus, earning the in-game currency seems like a mundane and tedious task to most. Selling a few hours and farming the amount for them can result in a decent amount of money.

Though this method is effortless, the reward is comparatively low as well. The average amount earned by gamers practicing this method is close to $3/hr.

Customer Service

Similar to other industries, the booming gaming industry also has a department for customer support. Considered one of the easiest ways of earning money, it allows you entry to the gaming industry as well. Major companies such as Steam and Epic Games, have their support team working in-game as well.

Support teams operate and communicate through different mediums. Most commonly, though, email and live chat are what gamers and staff prefer.

Videogame Merch

An interest in gaming and business can lead to exciting possibilities. Creating a business of selling videogame inspired merch can earn you a generous amount of money. Initially, the profit may not seem too appealing. However, every business is capable of making you vast sums of money.

With online stores such as Amazon and AliExpress, starting a business has never been easier. Several tactics come into play that will enable you to begin your own business from scratch.


As mentioned before, gaming is something most of us enjoy. However, certain things, combined with other elements, don’t give the result often expected. The escapism and stress relieving experience games offer are likely to fade if used as a means for earning. Thus, before pursuing a career in gaming and regretting your decision, it is recommended to think everything through.


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