The Different RuneScape 3 Playstyles

Runescape 3 (RS3) is a game released by Jagex originally on the 22nd of July 2013. As guessed, the game was not always “Runescape 3”. This name was handed out through the numerous updates over the years for the game, which built up high enough to be able to change the game’s name to Runescape 3.

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This MMORPG is a game in which players can choose what they want to accomplish. You can choose your path and create your objectives based on your own interests and ideas. There are also no restrictions on being able to switch up your playstyle as you progress along the game.

In Runescape 3, there are a couple of play styles, which are extremely popular and you are guaranteed to see some of these players around the game once in a while.

General playstyle

The first play style is your average general play style. This is what most people typically go for as they play Runescape 3.

Here is where you just freely do whatever it is you please. Whether it be skilling, training combat, killing bosses, or making RS3 Gold. Perhaps all of them. People have no ultimate goal while playing freely and simply play for the sake of enjoying the game.

This is the playstyle where people generally go for a maxed account. This means to reach the maximum level in each, individual skill. Most of the time, people go for the general playstyle before they begin to make new Runescape 3 accounts and follow other different play styles, which are a little more advanced.

Skilling playstyle

The skilling play style is typically the playstyle player’s go for like a second or alternative account. This is because no one thinks about creating a Runescape 3 account where they do not use combat at all, which is why it is usually a second or alternative account.

A “skilling” account is one in which the player does not train the combat skills at all. This is to ensure they are and remain a level 3 account or as close to it as possible. This is because it acts as a sort of accomplishment for the player to have been able to play for a long time without leveling up their combat as people usually do.

Instead, a Skiller will only train the non-combat skills like Runecrafting by following a good runecrafting guide for OSRS. You will typically find a lot of Skilling accounts located around busy areas with a bank nearby such as the Grand Exchange.

This is because Skillers are usually doing repetitive tasks and sometimes enjoy a nice time to socialize with other players to make their gameplay a lot easier for themselves.

Pure accounts

Pure accounts are also typically second or alternative accounts as they usually need a main account to supply the Pure account with gear and equipment.

Pure accounts are accounts in which the player builds their combat stats up in a way that will benefit them for a certain purpose. This makes it a Player versus Player (PvP) play style.

The Pure account is one of the more fun and entertaining play styles to go with as there is a heavy variety within these accounts. You can create a pure account for any purpose.

For example, if you are you PvPing in the wilderness in a specific area, perhaps a wilderness boss. You may want to create a pure which allows you to attack players in that level of wilderness while also dealing the most damage possible to them.


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