The Diamond Casino & Resort review

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  • The online casino world just gets better and better. It’s seen increased business this year as the bricks and mortar casinos struggle during the ongoing pandemic. There may be problems in going to those casinos but online everything seems to be going well. That’s particularly the case at the Diamond Casino & Resort, though it’s all a bit different from your average online casino.

    This resort isn’t one that you need to travel miles to get to. Instead it’s one that has been become part of ‘Grand Theft Auto Online.’ There’s something for everyone here and none of it will fail to fit into the luxury category.

    Casinos (even online ones) aren’t just places to gamble, they are glamorous and that’s definitely the case at the Diamond Casino & Resort. This was finally launched in July 2019 and gamers have given it their overwhelming approval.

    Rockstar have done a great job here and the game looks fantastic. It’s so good you feel like you’re in a real casino. Before heading down to the casino floor, you can relax on the Roof Terrace, perhaps even have a dip in the jacuzzi or the swimming pool. It probably wouldn’t be an American casino if there wasn’t a waterfall somewhere and there’s one here too.

    You can visit Vinewood’s Diamond Casino & Resort on your mobile devices. If you wish to be joining the more traditional online casinos, a site such as will supply you with plenty of details about what is on offer at US mobile casino websites

    Firstly though, pay a visit to the Diamond Casino & Resort and talking of luxury, how about a Master Penthouse? You will want to decorate the penthouse of course and to do that you need to buy them with Chips from the Casino Store. There’s so many to choose from they are rotated over a period of four weeks.

    Your car can be parked in their garage and you can hold car meets there too, no weapons though! If you fancy a life on the ocean wave, you can buy a yacht. That’s not in the garage of course but at one of 32 different locations around their map.

    This is no normal night out at a casino though. You will of course be wanting to play some casino games. You’ll love their three-card poker, slots blackjack and roulette. However, there are other important tasks to carry out. There’s a storyline that sees the casino’s head of operations needing your assistance. The site is in danger of a hostile takeover and even worse there’s a casino heist.

    GTA Online is definitely enhanced by this addition. Some games just produce a small add-on to spark some more interest in the game. Hopefully, they’ll get some new players and provide something extra for current ones. This is far more than that though, a visit to the Diamond Casino & Resort is an absolute necessity now.