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IRacing Gaming: Gearing Up for NASCAR August Series

pexels-devon-rockola-800629.jpg IRacing is the world’s premier simulation of motorsport racing. And with NASCAR August cup series in the offing, iRacers cannot wait to experience the thrilling that comes with sitting on the driver’s seat. An avid racer would describe a NASCAR gaming experience as something that puts your adrenaline in the rush. It is a high-octane driving experience whose value you could experience by making use of mypromocode.us to place a bet on your favorite car.

From sprint cars, NASCAR Cup car, touring car, IMSA prototype, Australian supercar to Grand Prix Car, NASCAR August series presents players with every opportunity they need to write their names on NASCAR hall of fame. But first, taking advantage of the best NASCAR odds boils down to joining the iRacing portal. If you are a new player, you have all the time to practice in the trial completion, experience tea, racing, and explore the general feel on the iRacing portal before the August series kick-off.

Becoming a NASCAR Driver

After NASCAR officials announced guidelines for participating in the 2020 season, including truck series and Xfinity series, August cup series present yet again another golden opportunity for first-timers. A notable rule for participating in this year’s NASCAR season puts drivers into different categories depending on experience and points earned from the 2019 series.

Becoming a NASCAR driver is necessary before participating in the iRacing series slated for August 2020 and beyond. Thus, the following are notable steps to help you get started:

Visit a local racing track for guidelines

It starts with visiting a racetrack nearby. While it is the first step to becoming a high-speed racer in a supercar, you need a pit pass to go further. In the race track, talk to someone you find in the pit. Chances are always high that they could be a NASCAR driver. Most importantly, inquire about age limits required to become a racer.

Start with go-karts and progress to carts

For kids whose ages are lower than those allowed to participate in NASCAR racecars, go-karts make for a great starting point. Next, help them progress to cars for a real asphalt or dirt driving experience. Usually, cars that were once used by NASCAR legends provide for a great starting point. The NASCAR ladder system will slowly ease you into a level where you can finally participate in fantasy motorsports. You can only compare the thrill that comes with being a racing pro to playing World War Z from Ubisoft.

Even more importantly, learning the technical aspects of car tuning will improve your skills so that you ready to perform at a higher level such as the upcoming August series. Moreover, you would be better off finding a sponsor and a network that helps build your brand.

Betting on NASCAR Series

With the iRacing NASCAR series, punters have an opportunity to place a wager on motorsports. But first, find a bookmarker that features the best odds for the NASCAR series. Next, choose a race, followed by a driver, and then pick a betting market. Take note that these races take place every weekend through a year, save for some breaks during summer and winter holidays. From props, race winners, pole position bets to podium finishers, there are enough NASCAR betting markets on which to place a stake.


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