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Dungeon and Dragons carrying case

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  • Have you ever wanted to store the miniatures sorted? You are in the correct place to find out more about storing your minis. Tabletop and board games are not just games for kids. They require from you to stay focused, and think strategically. Moreover, you have to keep in touch with other players and take part in war meetings. If you are just discovering this interesting world of gaming, you might be a little confused where to start.

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    Dungeons and Dragons wargame

    The game came up in 1974 and its founders were Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. This RPG wargame has been reaching more and more popularity since then. DnD allows its players to create characters and partially direct the track of the game. 30 years later, in 2004, it receives the status of best selling wargame. One of the advantages is its open-ending, so the player is able to influence the end. Players usually meet indoors due to the need of a large table.

    Even if it is a quite open-ending game, there are certain rules that you need to follow. In D&D’s world you will join some adventures and campaigns A story is equivalent to one adventure. Campaigns involve a few players and require tactics to win to your oponent. Miniature figures came back to in 2001. It has been obligatory to use miniatures since that time. From 2001 you have been obliged to use miniatures again when you wish to play Dungeons and Dragons fairly.

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    What are miniature cases?

    While you are more interested in wargaming, you will collect a big number of minis. There are many enthusiasts that do not even use the minis in tournaments. These people create and paint miniatures just to keep them on the shelve. Anyway, sooner or later you will have to think about storage. With time you might realize that your night table does not have enough surface to fit all your minis. At this point, it will be the right time to consider a miniature case. Their design has been meant to protect miniatures from scratches and anything that could happen to them. The producers who design quite different types of cases. The design is adjusted to particular the wargame . RPG adventurer’s minis are different in shapes, so it makes it a tough task to create a case that would fit to all the minis from all the wargames.

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    What are the most important features of a miniature bag?

    Since you do not want your minis to get damaged or scratched, the bag should be solid and resistant. Meanwhile the miniature carrying cases are made in a way that could be used as a travel bag. The manufacturers understand the need of traveling with the miniatures. Besides, it is usually acceptable to carry such cases to airplanes.The construction is stable because it is made from a steel frame. Normally, the foam protects your minis inside the case. The cases save your miniatures in any conditions, so you can forget about boxes and shelves. Keep the minis in one place!

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    Why A-case_

    A-case is a company that designed a great idea to store the miniatures. The innovation in transportation of the minis is based on experience and sophisticated knowledge. Thezimplemented steel shelves into the frame that keepsthe minis immobilized thanks to small magnetic bases. You need no additional protection. All the more, the bag is water-resistant and handy in use. The aim was to fulfill the need of storing together different kinds of minis . Being an RPG player requires flexibility when you transport your miniatures, especially when you play more than one kind of the game.

    RPG requires flexibility when transporting figurines so the foam is not always a good solution.

    When you decide to buy a case with foam, you have to remember that once you cut it, it remains cut in one way. In case you change the minis, you will have to buy some foam again to cut out the new shapes/

    Every designed by A-case bag you can find here: https://shop.army-case.com/carry-case/dungeons-and-dragons/. Even the most demanding client will be able find a travel case for their high needs. Detailed information about all the features is included on the website.

    Stop contemplating about a box for storing your hobby’s staff! The best solution is correctly designed case. Also, the bag will keep you calm that all your treasures are safe and nothing will happen to them. Get to know the offer and choose the best miniature carrying case that fits your needs!

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