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5 Slot Games based on Movies

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  • Movies provide hours of entertainment with thrilling action and death-defying stunts. With this in mind, slot games based on films are some of the most gripping entertainment experiences you will find. Filled with clips, references and source material – these games are perfect for fans and gamblers alike. Here we show you five of the top movie slots you can play:

    Rocky Slot

    An absolute knockout from game developer Playtech, we follow the story of Rocky Balboa on his quest for the boxing big time. You can play with just a few pennies, but watch out for the 10,000x finishing blow that will stun just about any player. That’s sure to leave you seeing stars – and lots of cash prizes.

    Highlander Slots

    Sword fighting, time travel – the cult classic 80s film was bizarre, wonderful and it became an instant cult classic. Highlander edges out the competition with exciting features – and visuals ripped straight from the film. You will travel through time and hone your spinning skills on the quest for that big win.

    Planet of the Apes Slot

    The 2011 remake of Planet of the Apes took the franchise to adventurous new territories. And the slot keeps in this spirit with some of the most interesting gameplay on this list. Switching between two free spins rounds – players can enjoy double the winning ways thanks to the unique split-screen view.

    Robocop Slot

    The ultimate enforcement machine takes down the bad guys with extreme prejudice. Dystopian Detroit might be a dangerous place to explore, but here, your efforts are rewarded. The highlight of this online slot game is the original bonus features – which mirror the most popular movie events. Watch out for the ED-209 who will slam down on the reels at any moment, creating a big wild winning chance. There’s even a bonus where you gun down the villains in an epic shootout.

    The Dark Knight Slot

    Heath Ledger’s legendary performance in 2008s Dark Knight has made this Batman movie one of the best superhero flicks of all time. And the slot carries on the legacy with a film worthy of Gotham’s caped crusade. You will find two versions of this game, with Playtech’s game now the best available. What makes this one so exciting is the chance to win one of four jackpot bonuses. Best of all, these prizes can trigger on any value spin – at any time.