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Do You Really Wish to Get Paid to Play Games? Learn How

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  • There are different ways to earn money online. Do you know you get paid to play games? Yes, several online platforms pay cash to people for playing games. Gaming is a good pastime, and turning it into full-time income is the ultimate dream for many.

    Do you know some people are earning six to seven figures income that is more than earnings of a traditional job? Here are discussed a few ways to make money by playing games.

    Earning Money by Playing Games Online

    Esports stands for electronic sports, which refers more to competitive video gaming, according to experts. When we say online gaming, it is about people playing against others on the Internet from the comfort of their homes. According to some recent reports, around one billion people participate in online gaming. While many people still enjoy solo gaming, several gamers prefer playing against real-life opponents sitting in other corners of the world.

    Many casual gamers play just for fun. Serious gamers are known to enter online tournaments and play in organized contests. Professional esports is, on the whole, another level. Some big tournaments and contests have players competing for millions of dollars of prize money. Isn’t this a great example to get paid to play games?

    These gaming contests attract millions of fans worldwide as they are streamed live via online streaming services like Twitch.tv and YouTube. Even big sports broadcasters like ESPN stream online gaming contests on their channels.

    Earning Money Through Esports Betting

    Participating in online gaming tournaments is not the only way to earn money. Esports betting is a new type of betting that was not popular in its early years. However, betting on esports has got a lot of traction in recent years, and it is a big thing now. The growth of esports betting has been explosive as such the current global esports betting market is around $30 billion.

    How Does Esports Betting Work?

    Either you wish to get paid to play games, or by esports betting, it is essential to have a proper understanding of how these games are played. You cannot make the right betting decisions if you don’t know about the game. You need to understand how the games are played and the common strategies involved.

    There are dozens of esports games that have millions of fans worldwide. These game tournaments allow you to earn a good income through esports betting. Here is the list of some popular esports games:

    • Call of Duty
    • Battlefield
    • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
    • Super Smash
    • FIFA Football
    • League of Legends

    It is not essential to know about every esports game mentioned above. However, you need to learn about any game on which you plan to bet. You can learn about this game from the comprehensive games guide available on the Internet.

    Besides learning about the esports game, you also need to understand the contest’s format and structure before indulging in esports betting. This will help you make the right betting decisions. There are hundreds of esports leagues and tournaments held around the world. It is always a better idea, to begin with, some of the biggest ones. Here is a list of some famous esports tournaments and leagues.

    Popular Esports Tournaments and Leagues

    • The International Dota2 Championships
    • Battle.net World Championship Series
    • Call of Duty Championship
    • League of Legends World Championships
    • Evolution Championship Series

    After learning about the tournament structure, you also need to learn about teams and players who participate in contests. Would you bet on a football game without knowing both teams? The answer is no. The same rule applies to esports betting. The Internet is the best resource to know about the best players and teams in different esports games. If you plan to indulge in sports betting, it is always good to update your knowledge about various aspects of esports.

    Different Ways to Bet on Esports

    Here are some popular options in esports betting

    • Social betting – Friends or online contacts place informal wagers on the outcome of the events between themselves. The wagers can be in real money. The terms are agreed between two parties and followed accordingly.
    • Skin betting – Modern games use virtual currencies. Many betting sites allow users to use currencies and items for gambling. The outcome of esports can be the replacement of real money.
    • Challenge betting is head-to-head betting where gamers compete against each other for real money, skins, or items. Players organize wagers amongst themselves and settle once the contest is over.

    Earn Money Through Skill-Based Betting Platform

    Some esports and game technology companies have launched player vs. house betting platforms for those who want to get paid to play games. It allows users to make skill wagers in their normal gameplay as the platform enables users of every skill level to place a bet. It will allow the player to play a fair match using the games “built-in matchmaking rankings.” The esports betting system is operated with a blockchain-based backend.

    The system allows you to earn money while playing your favorite games. Other esports betting platforms need you to host/join private tournaments and have prize pools. Platforms like UMode save you from the hassle of waiting for a long time to earn money. You can make money by placing a bet on yourself. The process is quite simple.

    • Sign up to get a $10 credit for signing up.
    • Enter your credentials
    • Link a game account to commence earning rewards
    • Choose deposit options – crypto, cash, and vouchers
    • Deposit funds and start betting

    Tips for Winning in E-sports Betting

    Just like any esports betting, you need to know the game well before placing a bet. Avoid placing large bets as you may end up making a significant loss. Understand all the ins and outs of the gaming system. It is always a good idea to set betting limits for a day.

    Thus, you can see earning by playing games is a reality. If you are a pro online gamer, you can make huge money by participating in the tournament or use your knowledge to earn through sports betting.