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Top 10 Movies for Career Inspiration

All forms of art are meant to play a key role in shaping society. Whether it is for pure entertainment, to caution, to educate and create awareness or inspire and spark dreams. Inspirational movies are no exception and they are often a good reference. Below are some of the best motivational movies to inspire you while making a career path to pursue.


Based on Michael Lewis’ book ‘Moneyball’, this sports movie is a classic career inspirer for the numerous lessons it carries. Custom essay writing service providers have movie review articles with such lessons which include: – Seizing new opportunities no matter how the odds look, taking criticism and building on it, and finally breaching the gap between perception and reality. All these can help you jumpstart a dying career of embarking on a new one.

Legally Blonde

This movie addresses the major roadblocks to careers of fear and self-doubt. It is one of the best career movies because it encourages you to reach for the stars and not limit yourself. It emphasizes the need to be yourself because those traits are what will set you apart. Creativity is a badge of honor and to hold yourself with dignity. Any career launched off these attributes can surely weather all storms.

La La Land

Many of the careers that never get launched are those based on your passions and desires for fear of failing. This was largely addressed in the film La La Land as it is one of the most popular inspirational movies and an advocate of pursuing your passions. The key lessons are that it will not be easy and you may even end up working some odd jobs to make ends meet but with persistence, you will make it.

The Devil Wears Prada

This movie goes on record as one of the most iconic movies about careers. You put a lot of effort, time, and resources into building your career, and even though getting to the top is not easy, with the right support it is achievable. To cut in the industry you need to be impeccable and when you say: “I want to pay someone to do my resume” you have to be specific the kind of image you wish to portray because that first impression matters the most.


The movie Chef crushes the societal stereotypes of keeping up an appearance and shows you that it is quite okay to appear to lose control. This, most often, inspires a change that eventually shapes your career. Do not be afraid to fail, learn from the failures. What, however, makes this an exceptional and among the best inspirational movies is how it focuses on building a strong team that will propel your career.

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Quite often than not, people tend to trade their happiness and life fulfillment just to pursue a career. What if you did not have to make the choice? In the film, you are encouraged to capitalize on what makes you happy and fulfilled then give everything you have to achieve it. It is not easy but without losing sight of why you are doing it, it is quite achievable.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

No doubt, one of the best motivational movies for encouraging viewers to take charge of their lives. A lot of people are afraid of actualizing their dreams so they remain just that; dreams. This movie encourages you otherwise. Your dreams are worth taking charge of and seeing them through to completion. If you can dream it, you can work to make it real.


The one thing that this movie brings to light is how much determination is key for your success. Even with little training on anything. If you pursue it hard enough and refuse to take no as an answer, you will achieve your goal. Most sites, where you get in touch with essayists to do your essay have highlighted this as the inspiration in the movie to work hard for the achievement of your goals.

Yes Man

Being a crowd pleaser will be a great detriment to your career growth. In this inspiring movie, you learn not to stand in your way by being a ‘Yes Man’ to all those around you at the expense of your dreams and desires. Stand up for what you believe in career-wise and go on to pursue it. To be great at your career you have to learn to say no to what does not fit in.

The Wolf of Wall Street

For you to achieve your goals in your career you have to be a go-getter and be willing to do everything for it. This as an exceptional career movie for it teaches that distractions can be costly to your goal. With sheer will, determination and hard work there will be no mountain that will stand unmovable.

Movies are a great source of lessons and inspiration besides entertainment. They do not necessarily have to be limited to the listed ones. It’s recommendable that you find a movie about careers that sparks a drive within you to pursue your dreams and career. If you get one by all means follow through with the inspiration and build your career.


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