What To Do If Your Partner Is Addicted To Gambling

Gambling is one of the few addictions that go unnoticed. You might not realize your partner is struggling with addiction until it is too late. Occasional betting on Gclub is not a problem. The problem comes when your partner starts spending so much time or money on gambling that they neglect everything else.

The signs usually start showing up when the addiction problem has increased beyond control. If you fear your partner is addicted to gambling or if you are unsure of your next move, read on.

We’ll show you signs of gambling addiction and what you can do about it.

How do you know your partner is addicted to gambling?

Before you start thinking of your next step, you have to be sure your partner has an addiction problem. Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Your partner doesn’t want to talk about spending money.
  • Your partner spends most of his free time away from home and is secretive or elusive about where he/she has been.
  • There are unclear payments made from your bank account.
  • Sudden mood changes.
  • Your partner withholds bank statements.

What do I do if my partner has a gambling problem?

Gambling addiction can be a destructive problem if left unchecked. A lot of people have destroyed their marriages and lost their homes because of gambling. If you suspect your partner has a gambling addiction, you will need to deal with it as soon as possible.

Here’s what you can do about it.

Talk to someone: Even though you are not the one with the problem, it is important to talk to someone about your partner’s addiction. It will help you emotionally and mentally. You will also get some guidance about your next step. You don’t have to blame yourself for your partner’s gambling problem.

You can also arrange for your children or partner to have sessions with a certified counselor. Or have them talk to other family members to help them cope with the addiction or side effects of the addiction.

Get professional help for your partner: Some people have a hard time accepting they are addicts, especially when it comes to gambling. It helps to have a professional handle your partner’s addiction problem.

There are a lot of programs that help people with gambling addiction. Are there Gambler Anonymous groups around you? Get your partner to register with one. Being in the company of other people that are fighting the same compulsion can help your partner quickly recover.

Establish new rules: For your partner to get over their gambling addiction, you need to be assertive. You will need to make new ground rules for your partner. Some of the rules that you can set include:

  • Full disclosure of all current gambling debts
  • Take charge of your partner’s finances
  • Limit your partner’s access to cash or other assets
  • Stay with your partner if they seek help and make a concerted effort to get better
  • Stay aware of your partner’s whereabouts and activities.


Protect yourself and your family: It is not enough to trust your partner to get better. You need to protect yourself and your children from any legal or financial ramifications or your partner’s gambling problem. You can legally protect your share of any joint property you have, such as your home or car. Separate your finances and arrange to pay your bills from an account your partner does not control. And realize, it’s not your fault your spouse or partner has an addiction.


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