Comparison between loot boxes and casino bonuses

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  • With the ongoing boom in online gambling and video games, more and more of us are delving into these exciting virtual worlds.

    One particularly controversial element of the video game sector in recent years has come in the form of loot boxes. Essentially, a loot box is a consumable virtual item featured in a video game These items can be used to claim ta random range of other virtual items such as weapons, armor, etc. The controversy around these items comes with the fact that players, often children, are spending exorbitant amounts on them.

    By contrast, a casino bonus is a special offer supplied to members of online casinos. Often taking the form of a deposit match or no deposit bonus, these promotions encourage members to lay more of their favourite casino games. Learn more about the online casino bonus here.

    In this article, we will make a comparison between loot boxes and casino bonuses, seeing in which ways the two are similar and also how they differ.

    So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the ways in which video game loot boxes and casino bonuses are similar.

    Similarities between loot boxes and casino bonuses

    The most obvious similarity between loot boxes and online casino bonuses is the fact that both are a kind of bonus feature branching off from the main game. Loot boxes, whilst useful, are often not essential to play a video game. Likewise, players at online casino sites need not necessarily use a casino bonus when signing up or anytime thereafter, although it would seem illogical not to! Also, both loot boxes and casino bonuses have been controversial in the media.

    Another similarity between loot boxes and casino bonuses is the fact that both usually require a cash injection from the player. Unlike some complimentary in-game treats, loot boxes and casino bonuses tend to rely on players either paying for them directly or paying for another service (key, chips, etc.) which then triggers either the loot box or the online casino bonus.

    Differences between loot boxes and casino bonuses

    Whilst similar in some ways, it should be noted that loot boxes and casino bonuses are rather different in many aspects too.

    Most strikingly, a casino bonus acts as a boost to a players’ casino balance, which is either made up of credits or chips. This bonus can be used to go towards playing more casino games with the possibility of the player winning money, which could be a large or relatively small amount.

    Conversely, loot boxes are strictly for the enjoyment of the game itself rather than to facilitate any opportunities to win money. Loot boxes often contain fun customisation elements for avatars or character, or perhaps special weapons or armour. This will no doubt have the ability to make the game more enjoyable yet the fact that there is no money ‘in’ and only money ‘out’ in the loot box business, makes it distinct to the online casino game , look the latest ones such as the idn poker gaming guide and more !

    So, there we have it! These are the key points of comparison between loot boxes and casino bonuses. Although there are some superficial areas in which the two look alike, the core of each is fundamentally different and it should be noted that, in the end, there is not much of a deep relation between the two.