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Gaming’s Unpremeditated Frightening Moments

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  • Sometimes, you may experience some terrifying moments in life, and they mostly happen when least expected or from unexpected sources. Although some of such occurrences are experienced under the cover of darkness, a couple of them are unpremeditated too.

    In 2019, gaming revenue made over $152.1 billion dollars, which is a $38 billion dollar increase from 2018. The term “gaming” means different things depending on who you’re talking to. One person might think about playing the latest live dealer games at casino sites, another might think of getting some respite on their favourite single player RPG and almost all walks of the gaming industry have some unforgettable and scary moments out there to keep you on the edge of your seat!

    Some of these are happenings that are triggered by fears or subconscious conclusions. In the list of unplanned horrifying moments witnessed in games are the prominent ones covered in this article:

    1. Dragon Age Origin

    Dragon Age’s hallmark is bloodshed, a common factor among medieval RPG franchises. However, there is an outstanding member of the franchise that deserves your attention.

    After a horrible experience at a battle, with fallen foes in their thousands, your comrades carry on with life with merrymaking and partying, seemingly oblivious of the loss of life and its attendant effect on humanity. It is nothing short of psychopathic and creepy experience for viewers.

    2. Final Fantasy 8

    Final Fantasy 7 has continued to enjoy immense popularity in recent times. However, it is arguable that its successor, Final Fantasy 8, can boast of some creepy moments that are considered among the creepiest in the franchise.

    The game is surrounded by tons of conspiracy theories, including the accidental death of the protagonist in the game’s second half. The appearance of a squall with a hollow face at the tail end of the game is proof that the game is nothing short of nightmarish. It deserves a place on this list.

    3. Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider is not a surprise member of the list. It is arguably the most iconic example of games with creepy moments. The name itself is enough to send shivers down the spine of a regular game player.

    The long-standing series has a renowned butler. For Tomb Raider 2 fans, we were delighted at the prospect of roaming with reckless abandon around croft manor, especially after having successfully put our butler in the freezer and locked them up. Forgetting that side of the house for the moment, Resident Evil’s tyrants can’t hold a candle to this games’ creepiness.

    4. Empty Space / Open Seas

    Tons of games feature open spaces and endless seas. For some of these games, the open spaces make them more exciting and relaxing. However, if you are agoraphobic or apeirophobic, such open spaces may hit you differently.

    Some players may consider games with endless space or open seas as more horrific than the regular horror movies or surviving some life-threatening experiences. Such players will be shocked by the creepiness in this game.

    5. Pokemon

    Pokemon Red and other members of the series, for some unfathomable reasons, have a section of the game dedicated to the dead. This includes ghost villagers, ghost Pokemon, and other creepy background music that will shock you to the marrow. The creators may aim for a spooky impact but they failed miserably at that. They ended up giving a hunting effect.

    6. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Elder Scrolls changed the world. One of the most influential games from the franchise is Daggerfall. Released in 1996, the game can boast of some 15,000 dungeons and cities. The thought of visiting each of these cities and dungeons gives players a horrific experience. You can visit one city at a time as a serial murderer, disguised as a blonde-haired adoring fan. We hope you can stomach that and pull a perfect disguise off.

    7. Minecraft

    I sometimes consider Herobrine a reality and occasionally, an illusion. Let me unravel this mystery: Herobrine.

    Imagine that while off LAN, you decide to boost your PC in readiness for a Minecraft game. However, Herobrine is already waiting for you at the other end.

    The game’s main character is Steve. Herobrine is the main character’s clone with a peculiar attribute: his piercing eyes always stare into your soul. And if that is not creepy enough, wait for this: although there isn’t a place for him in the game, he always finds a way for himself and appears at will.

    Having a clone stalk you all day can give one some goosebumps any time of the day.

    8. Legend of Zelda

    The Legend of Zelda has its fair share of horrid and surprising moments. However, Tingle is undoubtedly the most horrifying moment in the game, sending horror and fear into the hearts of individuals who are brave enough to play the game.

    The little man shares some similarities with Shakespeare. Although his affinity for fairies is legendary, he gives the unattractive impression of an unpleasant and fear-instilling personality too.

    9. No Man’s Sky

    There is a golden rule about No Man’s Sky, its first law: it is an abomination to speak well of it. Well, for a moment, we’ll circumvent that rule. There are so many potential great moments in the world, waiting for the right moment to happen.

    You may not consider the vastness as apeirophobic but some majestic creatures may come to you as apeirophobic. Occasionally, your dreams may be interrupted by twisted creatures with a mission: give you some nightmarish dreams.

    10. Ecco the Dolphin

    Google up Ecco. You will be amazed at the number of negative articles written about the game. The materials also give an insight into the horror that its players must be ready to contend with. Let’s spare you the stress of finding out about the game on your own: it is unnerving and strange at best. Does that give you a chill?

    11. World of Warcraft

    Warcraft is a frightening and vibrant game. It is undoubtedly a great example of modern-day fiction. However, it isn’t perfect during the developmental stage of some of these stories.

    An excellent example is Karazhan. The game has a 40-man instance through which players can find their ways into some incomplete areas in the game. There, they may find a lonely world filled with nothing but hanging corpses, triggering a sense of the misery that has plagued humanity since its existence. The creepy moments in this game look so realistic that they sometimes trigger discomfort.