75-ball Bingo vs 90-ball Bingo, which to play?

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  • They say that the UK and US are two countries divided by a common language. But that’s not the only divide. What if we were to say that both nations have their preferences when it comes to Bingo, with the US adopting the 75-ball game, a variation of the traditional 90-ball version that the Brits know and love. If you’re playing Bingo online, somewhere like here: https://bingo.paddypower.com/ you needn’t worry as both games – and so much more – are available. But which is the better? The easier? The more fun? Read on as we give you all you need to know.

    75-ball Bingo

    To the naked eye, 75-ball Bingo may seem more complicated. Each card is its own entity, there are no strips and so with one card per game, identical numbers could appear on multiple cards, making gameplay slower.

    Each card is a 5×5 grid, with 24 numbers and the middle square marked usually by a star, known as a free space. Each column is represented by a letter: B – I – N – G – O, with the numbers in multiples of 15. This is how the numbers will be announced when called, for example B7, N45, or O72.

    The excitement comes from how games are won and a pre-determined pattern will need to be completed in order to win the game. There’s no lines or house here, but instead, you’re looking to land a recognisable shape – it could be an animal or a letter or something more trivial still. While this means there is only winner, some games occasionally have additional prizes, for landing all four corners, for example.

    90-ball Bingo

    When playing the 90-ball game, you’re often paying for a strip of tickets, so rather than one card, you have one strip which will consist of six Bingo cards. Numbers across all six cards will not be repeated, so you won’t be at a disadvantage trying to scramble through the strip looking for the same numbers on multiple cards.

    Each card is a 3×9 grid, with 15 numbers across the 27 squares and 12 blank ones. Therefore, you’ll only be required to get 15 numbers to win a full house. The numbers are easy to remember with the first row containing the numbers 1-9, the second row 10-19, the third 20-29 and so on. The 15 numbers you’ll be looking to land will be randomly placed, so you’ll find numbers and blanks in different positions across your strip of tickets.

    In 90-ball Bingo, there are three main prizes: the first to land a single line, the first to land a double line and the first to win a full house (all three lines). Occasionally, there will be additional prizes, like the second person to win, or in jackpot games, an additional cash prize is available if a player can get a full house in a certain number of ball calls.

    Differences at a glance

    • 75-ball Bingo offers one way to win (a pattern), whereas 90-ball Bingo has three prizes (one line, two line and house)
    • 90-ball Bingo games have chat rooms where ‘chat games’ are played, giving players an extra chance to win something alongside the main game
    • 75-ball Bingo games usually have a higher jackpot
    • 90-ball Bingo is played at a faster pace, and has an easier number system, making it ideal if you’re playing with multiple cards

    Still torn? There’s only one way to find out your preference and that is to log in and give both games a whirl!