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Try to Add a ‘Keeping Fit’ Game to your Gaming Routine

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  • The stay-at-home order may be a blessing in disguise for gamers. Although I can’t consider myself as an eSports expert, I’ve played and enjoyed FIFA and Football Manager Computer games. Sadly, playing computer games on your device for hours on end encourages sedentary lifestyle in opposition to exercising. Right now I am trying to change that a little bit, so instead of being playing games only.

    Whether it’s playing for skins on the top CSGO gambling games or being slouched on the sofa on the latest Call of Duty, there’s never a better time to change your routine, than the present! Have you heard about Escape from Tarkov the game that will blow your mind? What are you waiting for? Visit this site for more.

    Gradually, working from home is in vogue and I’m enjoying every bit of the experience. Once I’m done for the day, I hardly have enough time to do a 30-minute workout on YouTube. I’ll be too exhausted for that.

    Thus, I keep myself busy and entertained with my games: FIFA’s Accrington Stanley European Champions and Football Manager’s Elgin City SPL Champions. I have devised a way to keep going with these games while the lockdown lasts.

    I reward myself with 10 repetitions of one of the exercises from Joe Wicks for every victory I record. For a draw, I do 15 repetitions and 20 repetitions for a loss. This serves as the right incentive not to become too complacent and forget the rationale behind the exercise. If what you are looking for is to loose some weight, here are the fat burners that can help you.

    My wife has been supportive. She chooses the exercise I should do, voluntarily. Perhaps, she did that just for the fun of it but she’s fully aware of my dislike for burpees and still punishes me with this exercise whenever I lose a game.

    If you are unfamiliar with Burpees, let me give you an idea. Burpees share some similarities with the frog exercise. To start, you squat down from a standing position. You then place your hand in front of you, on the floor. Kick your legs out and finish with a jump. I learned that some pros include a push-up in the regimen but you can count me out of that. That’s too strenuous for me.

    Recently, Joe Wicks described burpees as Marmite, a game you either love or hate. Marmite’s success continues to baffle me because burpees are not for the chickenhearted.

    My wife seems to derive some degree of pleasure from torturing me. She preserves the burpees as punishment whenever I lose a game. Hence, I’m not only concerned about the pains of conceding an injury-time goal to concede defeat; I also have to worry about the painful punishment for the loss.

    Nevertheless, engaging in burpees has proven to be a great way to beat off inactivity, even if against my wish several times.

    Nevertheless, it has been fun and rewarding. Burpees have kept me active, even against my wish sometimes. More so, it has been a great way to ensure that I get enough sleep every night rather than keep myself awake playing games into the early hours of the morning. I don’t fancy the idea of doing large jumps and burpees at 2 am. No way!

    What have you been up to during this lockdown? Share your sporting experience – the bad and the good- with @DerekBish_Star. He will retweet the best ideas and offer everyone something they can participate in.