Video games to help you unwind in the evenings

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  • Games are a great way to relax and chill out in the evenings. You might want to check out the best USA online casinos or load up your favorite RPG or first-person shooter. There are times, though, when you just want to turn off your mind and de-stress completely and need a low-impact game that’s the equivalent of sinking into a warm bath.

    Here are some of the best examples of games that don’t require you to race against time, battle constant enemies or slaughter everything that moves. Explore peaceful, beautifully delineated worlds in your own time, make new friends, solve simple puzzles or just enjoy the sights. These are the games that let you escape from the pressures of real life for as long as you need.


    Originally a PS4 exclusive, this simple stress-buster of a game is now available for PC. You are the wind, blowing colorful petals across a barren landscape that comes to life as you create stunning swirling shapes over its surface. The gorgeous music and sound design, including the relaxing hiss of the breeze through the grass, combines with the appealing visuals as you explore the natural world that is coming back to life all around you.


    You play Henry, a solitary fire lookout based at a watchtower in the Wyoming wilderness. You’re free to explore the breath-taking surroundings at your own pace, or to follow the narrative that will take you deeper into mystery and occasional scary moments. You can, however, always return to the safety of your tower, enjoy chats with Delilah or just wander through the trees.

    Universe Sandbox

    This physics-driven science simulator is like a giant cosmic jigsaw puzzle and can be as relaxing or as intense as you want it to be. Explore realistic models of planets and galaxies to a soothing ambient soundtrack. Create or destroy your own solar systems, or simply scroll through the preset scenarios as you drift in deep space, immersed in the wonders of creation.


    In some ways, Journey has a similar feel to Flower, as you explore a vast desert which is strangely beautiful in its emptiness and desolation. You’ll come across vast ruins and breath-taking locations, all to a calming, evocative soundtrack.


    A kind of companion piece to Journey, Abzû was created by many of the same developers. In this game, you explore a psychedelic ocean world teaming with non-threatening life. The intuitive controls mean that you can swim gracefully and easily through this vast underwater environment, all to a soaring soundtrack by Austin Wintory. For even deeper relaxation, switch to meditation mode.


    It’s all connected, man, and in this visually arresting game, you get to explore that concept to the full. Move from playing one life form to the next, evolving up the scale from the smallest to the largest. This means you get to play everything from bacteria to whole galaxies, and all the beings in between.

    No Man’s Sky

    This exploratory science fiction game is what you make of it. For maximum relaxation, set it to creative mode, which lets you explore the full range of the game’s universe without having to worry about harvesting materials or generating fuel for your spaceship. Hop between planets, meet different animal species and wonder at the sheer variety of worlds available.

    Stardew Valley

    This classic farming sim lets you enjoy a slower pace of life, as you bring in the harvest, tend to livestock, go fishing, cook meals or go on a date. The thing about Stardew Valley is you can go as deep as you want; the wider world explores some darker real-world issues, but you can easily get away from it all in the surrounding hills.

    A Short Hike

    You’re a bird, climbing a mountain, but take your time: there’s no hurry to reach the top of Hawk Peak, and even if you fall off, you can soar gently down to the ground and start again. Chat with other cute animal characters, help them with their activities, explore and enjoy the game’s rich autumnal tones.

    Katamari Damacy Reroll

    In this enhanced reboot of the 2004 PS2 game, you have to replace all the stars in the sky that your dad, the intergalactic king, destroyed in a drunken rage. That means rolling up everything from watermelons to airplanes and throwing them up into the heavens, where they gradually illuminate your world once more.


    Play a bird flying over an island and just enjoy the experience. The soundtrack changes as you fly through hoops and the fruit makes a satisfying pop as you pluck it from the trees. There are also underground tunnels to discover and even teleportation portals.

    This selection should give you plenty of relaxation options for your evenings. Slow things down, rediscover your sense of wonder and take a break from all your worries with these stress-busting games.