Top 7 movies to get inspired for creative writing

Some happy writers experience this almost never, but for many, it is an often experienced practice – the state when the mind stops to produce any new ideas and is unable to do any creative writing job. And in this situation no deadlines, rebukes, threats, or fines can be of help – you may get frustrated, but everything will stay in its place, as frustration never helps to concentrate and work… You can find or make up whatever reasons or legends to justify your state of things, but the most often reason for this procrastination is simply the lack of inspiration. Cinematography has been one of the most powerful sources of inspiration for many years, moreover among tons of movies nowadays there can be found movies about writing. Keep on scrolling through this article and you will find out the list of the top 7 movies you can take inspiration from to start working on your writing joyfully!

#1. Shakespeare in Love (1998)

This movie can definitely be considered one of the best films about writing and is mentioned in most of the lists of best films about writers, including the BBC’s. The film is noteworthy not only because of its interesting plot and light-hearted mood but also because it touches the theme of the writing process, the motivation, inspiration, and creativity. In the film, the main character is fighting the writing block and suddenly gets inspired.

The picture is about the motivation, muse, dedication, and creative process, and can be regarded as a must-watch movie for any writer.

#2. Dead Poets Society (1989)

This film can be considered as one of the best films for teachers, but it also relates to the creative process, inspiration, literature, and poetry, and thus can also be regarded as one of the writing movies. The movie characters are adolescents experiencing a period of growing up in their lives and the pressures associated with it.

Should you get in stuck while writing your academic assignment, you might find the solution in referring for help to this paper writing service online. Their teacher, who teaches poetry in unconventional ways, tries to get them inspired and alongside tries to open their minds to the existential wisdom.

#3. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Among films about writers, this one is hardly forgettable. First of all, because it is well crafted just as a film: beautiful actors, scenes, visuals. The main character is a screenwriter, who wants to start writing novels and is a bit frustrated about his first attempts.

Further storyline helps him address his anxiety: he mysteriously happens to witness the 1920s and communicate with the great writers of that time, such as E.Hemingway and F.Scott Fitzgerald. The greats are portrayed quite accurately in the film, and the movie also is about advice for novice writers: on how to start a new piece of writing without frustrations, the writing process itself, and inspiration. This all makes the film a highly recommended picture for writers!

#4. Adaptation (2002)

This work can be regarded both as a drama and a comedy, and its plot is fully concentrated on a writer’s work on the adaptation of a novel to a screenplay. Such work is really uneasy and even resembles a struggle, especially while having a writer’s block. The film is based on the real experience of Charlie Kauffman with his adaptation of the book “The Orchid Thief”, but is partly fictional as well.

The movie’s principal theme is a writer’s block and the lack of inspiration. These sad phenomena are the reverse side of the coin in the profession of a writer, so this film will resonate with many writers’ minds.

#5. Misery (1990)

It is an unconventional film about a writer, as its genre is a thriller. However, its plot is clearly about the destiny of a writer and the influence that writing can have on ordinary people’s lives.

The film’s main character is a successful writer, who became famous thanks to his romance novels. Some day he decides to change his writing career path and start writing in some more serious genre. He gets in a car accident and is rescued by a woman who is a big fan of his works. While the writer is recovering at his fan’s home, things go in a dark and creepy way.

#6. Julie & Julia (2009)

This story is about the two authors: the first, Julia Child, is a well-known chef, who publishes the book with her recipes, and another one is a novice blogger Julie, who describes the attempts to cook all the recipes from the book. Ups and downs of both the professional paths are disclosed in the movie, and especially noteworthy for writers and bloggers is Julie’s story, as she moved from having only her mom as a reader to gaining numerous followers.

#7. The GhostWriter (2010)

It is a thrilling, interesting story that refers to our times when a subject of an autobiography and its writer is

not necessarily one person. This film does not touch the specifics of the profession as much as possible dangers it may bring. The main character is a ghostwriter, whose task is to write an autobiography of Great Britain’s former Prime Minister. The previously hired ghostwriter who worked on the same task has died in an incident. As the main character has to learn many more details than he expected, he has to participate in life-threatening adventures…


Getting stuck with a piece of writing is no surprise for any writer, and it can happen on any work stage, while any type of writing – blogging, creative writing, academic writing, etc. Movies dedicated to writers and writing can not only be the means to distract your mind, but also be the source of inspiration and helpful advice on getting out of the writer’s block. Should you somehow experience the pause in writing which seems to last for very long more, just choose some film from this list, make a cup of coffee, and it’s very possible that in some couple of hours you will easily get back to your work with inspiration and some new ideas! Should you somehow not get satisfied with this list, you can find many others, -for example, this one of the beautiful article from the New York Times There are also many

Sandra Larson. Blogger, photographer, and animal rights activist. Having started her writing career back in her adolescence, she experienced all the ups and downs of the profession and knows how to deal with its hardest nightmares – the writer’s block and the lack of inspiration. Now she is working on her first book, which is about writing.


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