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Movies We Loved Watching in 2019

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  • The coronavirus has negatively affected many things in the world, including the releasing of new movies. As of now, there are only a few movie releases and none of them has really managed to make much noise. This is because there has not been any cinema releases and people are stuck inside playing real money casino games.

    That is why we just thought we’d go back into 2019 and reminisce on the best that were. Here are a few 2019 movies we loved watching.

    It Chapter Two

    Now, we get to see the kids, all grown up and confronting the evil that terrorised them when they were still young. They do all they can to put an end to Pennywise the Dancing Clown, which is an evil circus freak who dwells in the sewer, and feats on fear. Now, the adults have to face their fears, as well as regrets and doubts in order to conquer this unholy being. The film goes back and forth throughout, allowing us to see why the characters turned out the way they did, as the memories helped shape their sense of self.


    This B-movie is perfect. We get to see a father and daughter in an apocalyptic Florida hurricane. The daughter, Haley, has to search for her father who is stuck in the basement of the family home opening betting apps. However, her father has been wounded. Not only that, but there are also alligators swarming around the whole house. Father and daughter have to do all they can to fight the gators, as well as mend their broken relationship.

    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

    In this instalment of the film, we saw all the action that we were expecting from the franchise. The violence in this movie is crazily choreographed, in such a way that it entertains you non-stop. This movie introduces other huge Hollywood stars to deliver stellar performances.