How Practicality Ruins Roulette Strategies

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  • Many people will hope roulette strategies can help them win money at the online casino. But is it really possible to make a profit by following one of the many different roulette strategies?

    After all, if it was so easy to use a roulette strategy to win money, then surely everyone would do it? It seems more likely that they will only be able to work well in certain circumstances.

    In reality, practicality is one of the reasons why many roulette strategies simply do not work. Read on to find out why.

    Roulette strategies and bankroll management

    Bankroll management is always an important factor when playing roulette and other casino classics online. Players are advised to set aside a certain amount of money to play with. If that runs out, then walk away from the roulette table rather than opting to spend even more cash.

    But roulette strategies often involve increasing the stakes made in the event of a bet losing. For example, let’s take a look at the Martingale strategy. In this betting system, users are advised to double their stake after every losing bet. In roulette, players would be told to pick one of the options that has almost a 50/50 chance of winning, such as red or black or odds or evens.

    However, online casinos retaining a house edge means that many people who play roulette at real money casinos feel the Martingale strategy is set up to fail. Players should only consider trying it out for themselves if they have a big enough bankroll to sustain a run of losses.

    Of course, the theory behind the Martingale strategy suggests any run of losses will eventually be ended with a win, which would theoretically put the player back on an even keel. But it is possible to lose 10 or more spins at the wheel before a win comes along. It is easy to see how many people trying to follow the Martingale strategy would simply run out of money.

    Another popular roulette strategy, the Fibonacci system, has the same flaws. While the stakes do not rise as quickly as when using the Martingale strategy, the theory behind it is the same. Players are still advised to keep betting more when they are on a losing streak.

    Bet limits also hinder roulette strategies at the online casino

    The other key factor preventing roulette strategies from being a realistic option in many cases is to do with bet limits. Online casinos usually have these in place to help protect players from running up unsustainable losses in a short period of time. As a result, the amount of money that can be placed on a single spin of the roulette wheel will usually be subject to a bet limit.

    While there are ways around bet limits – VIP schemes at online casinos usually have much higher bet limits – any losing streak using either the Martingale or Fibonacci systems could quickly run into difficulties.

    Anyone who is not able to become a VIP at the online casino is likely to find that bet limits cause them problems within a short space of time. Online casinos with a maximum bet limit will be no good for trying to use these kinds of roulette strategies as a result.

    Roulette is too random to use a strategy

    The randomness of roulette is another reason why strategies for the game are not practical. Just because the zero came up on the last spin does not mean it is any less likely to do so again on the next spin. The same is true for any of the other numbers on the roulette wheel.

    There is also no real skill involved in playing roulette at the online casino. Unlike other casino classics such as blackjack or poker, the impact from the player on the result is minimal. All users who play roulette can do is pick their number – or red or black – and hope that they win.

    The contrast to a game like poker is extreme. Poker strategies work because there are so many possibilities every time the dealer hands out the cards to players at the table. In roulette, there is nothing that can be controlled by the player – the result is purely down to luck.

    Roulette strategies might sound great on paper, like everything else that promises returns from playing at the online casino. But in reality, practicalities mean that they very rarely work. Some people might find roulette strategies work for them, but the chances are they are just lucky.