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A review of who wields power at Dynasty

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  • Who is also waiting for the second part of Dynasty season three to come out? The drama that goes around the two feuding families of the Carrington’s and Colby’s can’t just get enough. We want much of it. Jeff Colby is just from “abduction,” and he is seeking revenge on the Carrington’s. On the other hand, Adam Carrington also poisoned him with a strong poison that is killing him slowly. Well, when you look at how things are unraveling in the final episodes, Jeff could be the next game-changer, or even Adam, if he didn’t burn Blake’s most favorite vineyard field.

    Dynasty revolves around power. To put in a better perspective, it’s about the power of money over humanity. If you doubt this, you need to ask professional punters who bet in platforms like NetBet live casino how a few millions can wield power. In today’s review, we will look at the characters of Dynasty who walk it more than their bank accounts. It is evident that in Dynasty, it is never about who has how much, but it’s about who owns which multinational corporation. Take a look at the following best Dynasty characters of all times:

    • Blake Carrington

    Blake Carrington used to be “in charge” until he lost his wife in a tragic fire accident. But also, how about when Fallon Carrington, his own daughter, had him fired as the CEO of Carrington Atlantic? It is amusing, how almost everyone in Dynasty has access to tons of cash but still view Blake as a demi-god. Blake has also kept almost all government officials on his payroll, so he is untouchable. Not even a murder case with overwhelming evidence proving that he is guilty could lock him behind bars for long. And if you are a medical practitioner and you lose your certificate because of malpractice, pray that you become a Carrington because the “Carringtons never do red tapes.” After all, Adam is a practicing doctor in Atlanta with a valid license!

    And if that is not enough, Blake goes ahead and buys the only pharmaceutical company that could research on Jeff Colby’s poison antidote.

    • Fallon Carrington

    Fallon Carrington will actually pay you so that you never look at her again. She doesn’t bargain on anything! Her checkbook has nothing to do with “thousands.” You always quote your price in millions. Anyone would describe her as a spoilt brat who can have anything she wants in life apart from love! Well, maybe she doesn’t wield so much power that can buy love, the way Blake does with his “Crystals.”

    • Michael Culhane

    Michael Culhane can finally wield power like his former boss after Fallon gave her shares of the Atlantic Football Club to him, making him the biggest shareholder. He technically owns the fully-fledged Atlantic Football Club, with a private jet! However, Culhane isn’t fascinated so much by power and money, and he thinks a lot about his community. His commitment is to the community and not for personal gains like in the case of the Carrington’s.

    • Jeff Colby

    Colby is the richest and smartest amongst the Colby’s, a beneficiary of the Carrington Trust Fund. Not even his dad or mum could surpass his billions of dollars and his exceptional genius IT skills. At some point, Jeff Colby has all shady business deal records about Carrington’s, and he threatens to use them against Blake, thanks to his IT skills that made him siphon everything right from the start. Jeff Colby has what Blake doesn’t have; he has a pure heart and audacity that often means good. Remember, any time Blake shows his audaciousness, it is always someone on the receiving end, unlike Colby. Jeff Colby is powerful as he also gambles in an underworld casino, a den of crime with dreaded gangs! Well, you can only wield such power if you won a billion-dollar lottery. Jeff Colby is a mogul!

    • Adam Carrington

    We are yet to see what Adam Carrington will become in the end, but we all know what he is capable of! He is smart and intelligent! He seizes an opportunity that presents itself as a real hustler. Remember, he never grew up enjoying being a “Carrington” because he was abducted. Blake goes to prison for less than a month, and Adam has already made himself the CEO of the winery. From an optimistic point of view, if Dynasty is here to stay, Adam is the next powerful individual to watch out for. He is ruthless and shrewd when it comes to making himself known. And well, he also poisoned Colby to eliminate the competition!