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Is social gaming dead?

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  • Social gaming is a dying breed. The social gaming industry has been losing many advantages that had spawned its growth. The death of social gaming has introduced a new kind of online entertainment. Now players prefer to play casino online.

    What is social gaming?

    A social game is a game played online through social networks. Social games share many aspects of video games, however they tend to be less challenging. There are usually many engagement strategies implemented into social games such as goals, motives, and real-world similarities. These however, were not enough to keep the hype up around social gaming, and consequently, they are being replaced by other games.


    Usually you are assigned specific goals throughout the games and as the game progresses, your goals become more challenging. You will usually receive feedback on your performance. Your actions are collectively achieved to attain certain rewards.

    Motivation and Rewards

    In social gaming, you work toward earning capital such as badges, trophies, and other representations of your achievements. These rewards showcase a player’s expertise among the social network of friends within the game. This serves as motivation for players to play longer and more often.

    Collecting the rewards is a way for those playing the game to justify the long hours spent playing the game. The goal is to symbolically improve oneself within the game.

    Real-World Similarities

    In some social games, players can run out of energy, thus needing to allow enough time to pass in order to “replenish their energy.” This gives the game a real-life aspect so the player can feel even more engaged.

    Death of Social Gaming

    Social games are dying out because of many different reasons. The games are no longer going viral and there are now just way too many of them. They are more difficult to monetize now. There is also just not enough profitability that comes out of creating social games.

    Games are no longer going viral

    The reason social games took off in the first place was because certain games went viral and suddenly everyone was playing. Players could spam their friends and earn rewards for getting others to join. This was way cheaper than having to spend money on marketing as the users did it for them.

    When the App Center was released on facebook, it limited how much apps could send updates to users. Algorithm changes have made it so these games have less importance in user feeds, reducing the social gaming spam. This made it so the games could no longer go viral.

    Saturated with social games

    It was easy for a social game to go viral when there weren’t that many on the market but now the web is saturated with social games. It is just too difficult to create a social game that will stand out on Facebook among the rest. There is too much competition now.

    Graphics are moving fast

    Nowadays, with the amazing technology we have, games are fiercely competing for the best graphics. When social games were  booming, simple graphics were enough. These games could easily be produced by a small team. Now, gaming developers are creating more graphically complex games, making it more expensive to compete in the gaming industry.

    Not enough profit

    The rising cost of staying competitive in the gaming industry means that companies need to be able to retain their user base for a longer period of time. With social games, the user base tends to dramaitically decrease after around 3 months, meaning that there is just not enough profit anymore to produce social games and stay competitive.


    In conclusion, the days of Sims and Farmville are over. Social gaming has not been able to remain competitive and players are now replacing those habits with more rewarding ones – such as playing online casino games.