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Getting Inspiration for Your New Video Game Characters

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  • Why do we remember Mario from the Mario Bros video games? It is mainly because he and his brother Luigi were inspired characters; simple enough to be memorable enough to spawn multiple video games and franchises. When creating a video game character, you have to make them not only visually appealing, but also unforgettable. So how do you get the inspiration to create such characters? Below, we look at a few ways.

    Look Around

    There are so many different characters that could inspire your new ones. If you look around, you will see that there are subtle similarities between different video game characters. You could take the best parts of them and use them as inspiration for your new characters. Do not copy any legally protected material though, as that would spawn a whole host of problems. If you have played this game like me we know that gems are very difficult to earn that’s why I recommend this way to get unlimited gems in brawl stars so you can spend more hours playing and leveling up.

    Use Your Past Designs

    If you have been in character development for a while, it is likely that you already have earlier designs of characters you would like to see in a video game. You can use them as inspiration for your new characters. The best thing is that, much like the best video companies in Miami reusing their old footage, you do not have to worry about ownership and copyrights if you decide to take this route.

    Look at Your Genre

    There are things we expect from different game genres. We expect to see buff guys in video games like the Call of Duty series and different types of characters in a game like Assassin’s creed. If you look at games that fall in the same genres as these two, you will see certain similarities where it would lead to the conclusion that their creators inspire each other. Think of Prototype and Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher series.

    Split Your Concept Characters

    If you are having a hard time coming up with video game characters, you could split your concept characters. There are characters you already have that have not yet been modeled. In essence, they are at the starting stage of becoming video game characters. Start by changing parts of the concept character to see if you come up with a new character.

    You can go as far as you like with this, since these are your characters and you are just playing around to see if you can get a good-looking and working character.

    Talk to Other Designers

    Designers often have a lot of ideas about video game characters. Talking to a few of them might give you the inspiration you need to create your own characters.

    Take it Slow

    Stressing yourself out might block your creative channels. Try to relax and take the whole thing one step at a time. As you let ideas come to you instead of chasing them, you might end up finding the inspiration you need.

    Coming up with video game characters can be hard. If you find that you do not have the inspiration to create new ones, the tips above are a very good place to start.