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Gambling Names you Can Use on Your Pets

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  • Well, for those die-hard gambling fans. Surely, you would want some way to show the amount of affection for gambling. Also, you might not be able to give these names to your child. But, at least a dog can take anything and still love you regardless.

    There are so many words in the online gambling lingo. Therefore, you have a lot of choices to pick from. More so, if you are a proud gambling mega-money winner then this is the opportunity to show your love and appreciation.

    Let us see some names that may interest you before you go and buy that puppy.


    Well, aces are the best cards in most of the card games you can find online. Therefore, if that dog is the best thing that has happened to you, then you can consider naming him Ace. It has a nice ring to it too.


    The name blaze can have two meanings. Therefore, if you want a gambling reminder that people will not question then you can use Blaze. In the best paying online casinos industry, a blaze when you get an            unusual poker hand.


    A lot of dogs are called bingo. At least no one will know exactly where the name is coming from. Bingo is a fun card game that is mainly linked to lotto. Also, it happens to be quite a popular game among female gamblers.


    We even have quite a number of humans with this name. However, it also happens to be the name given to the people who keep a record of your bets at the casino.


    Well if you have a Chihuahua then this name might actually be a good idea. When it comes to gambling, Bug is a name for a limited wild card.


    Well, this name is quite common even around people.  Cash is just slang for money. And it is full at crazy vegas casino and land-based ones. After all, you will be playing for cash!


    When you get into a casino you buy tokens in the form of chips. These are the ones that you will use to place your wager rather than the real money.