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New Betting Sites for 2020

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  • The new year bring new hopes, new dreams and of course new betting sites.  With the UK pulling the plug on credit card gambling, the betting season is still going strong, and today we hope to bring you some of the best new betting sites, the offers, the sports events, and why you too, should check one, two or more out.

    What is a betting site?

    First and foremost, let us explain what a betting site is. Just to put you in the picture, it would be a site where us sports enthusiasts can look at the odds of major sporting events and bet on what tickles our fancy. The site would cater for various type of gamblers that include football enthusiasts, volleyball lovers, boxing followers and many other sporting events that don our screens during the week and reach a peach during weekend.

    What are the biggest betting sites out there?

    If you switch on your TV, you will realize that almost 1 in every 5 commercials will advertise a betting site, and will offer you some sign up offers for the big and upcoming sporting events that people will be looking forward to.  If we had to walk the streets and ask the average Joe what is the best betting sites out there, one will definitely tell you about Bet365, William Hill, Mr Green, Novibet, Coral and more.  Question is: Why are these sites popular? The good odds, the betting varieties and even the offers attract a good amount of betting enthusiast’s week after week. But …the gambler wants more, craves more, and this is where new betting sites for 2020 come into the picture.

    What are the new betting sites for 2020?

    New sites, fresh offers and even a simple betting platform, this is what the gambler wants, and we just have a whole pile of sites that make up our new betting sites list, and of course we hope that they make it to yours. Ranking top of the charts of this list, you will find Mansion Bet, VBet, Mr. Play, Interbet, 10Bet, Star Sports and many more.  What makes the sites a good site to visit differentiates from one gambler to another.  You might want to scoop the best sport betting welcome offer that grants you a free sport bet slip of €50 or more, whilst the gambler next to you might want to gamble on virtual sports, or the new sport on the block if you will, that fencing team that will not see many players bet on, yet is there for you to bet on if you like.

    With so many betting sites, why do we need new ones?

    As predicted, and as mentioned earlier, fresh blood brings fresh ideas, newness and also an array of new offers for you and I to binge on. Let’s face it, 2019 was a big year for sports and 2020 is going to be even bigger. They year ended with the 7th December boxing re-match for the heavyweight title with Joshua beating Ruiz to the curb, and gamblers across the globe bet over 3 million + on the match (We bet €30 ourselves!!). Between July and August 2020, the biggest sports stage, the Olympic Games will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan.  The year has to offer much sports drama as the Grand Prix, Cricket World Cup, Euro 2020, Tour de France, and the Tennis US Open, all will unfold during 2020 . All of these events deserve new offers, new attention and also new platforms for us gamblers to enjoy our various betting slips, with the potential of helping us scoop some decent wins.  This is the reason why new betting sites are always welcome amongst the gambling community, and we welcome them with open arms.

    What to look for in a new betting site?

    Always look for the site to be endorsed by a gambling license, as betting should be done legally. A BeGambleAware emblem at the bottom if the site would also be nice to see. Let’s face it gambling could become an addiction at times, and a responsible site, should have contact details and numbers should you opt to seek help.

    These are the things to lookout for in new betting sites for 2020. Seek new offers, seek new thrills and hopefully take home all the winnings from your favorite bet options! Good luck!