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Guide to the Best Nintendo Switch Games

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  • We love playing video games on consoles and one of our favourite consoles is the Nintendo Switch. There have been so many games that have been released on the Nintendo Switch, just as much as other games are being released almost every week, including online casinos game. Because of that, it’s really hard to pick the best games. However, in this post, we make it easy for you and bring you the best Nintendo Switch Games on the market

    Astral Chain

    You can get this game from Amazon for just $50. The game was developed by PlatinumGames, a company well known for some of the best action titles in the gaming world. You get to play in a bustling city. The city is attacked by some rather mysterious interdimensional forces. It is your mission to stop the forces. You will get help from other characters in the game and you must solve some puzzles and investigate some mysteries as you go.

    Hotline Miami Collection

    We really think that this game, which is available at Nintendo for just $25, is one of those stylish and innovative action games. In the game, you have to fight the enemy, which offers a lot of action. You must be witty and attentive enough to see all your enemies in a building and be able to fight them off.

    My Friend Pedro

    You can buy this game from Amazon for just $25. In the game, your goal is to kill everyone and make it to the exit. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds like hockey betting sites .You actually have a lot of bullets to evade along the way. The game comes with some other special features which will definitely improve your overall gaming experience.

    Enter the Gungeon

    The Dodge Roll release is available from Amazon at just $14. There is just a lot of action in this game, so much that you will want to keep playing. You will have to deal with enemies, locations and treasures that are randomly generated.