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How to Choose the Best Photos to Fill Out Your Profile in Apps

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  • It seems that we live in an era when marriages (and even random relationships) are not arranged in heaven but on the screens of smartphones – in dating applications. Therefore, it is extremely important to take your digital self seriously.

    1. Photos should begin with a clear image of your face

    The first advice is the simplest and, at the same time, for some reason, incomprehensible to many. Although the photos processed by many filters (up to the glitch) or those in which you cover your face with your palm or something else are mysterious and conceptual, the vast majority of Slavic women who use dating apps and https://ladadate.com website just want to see your face. Be the first to put the usual pretty selfie or waist-high photo in the gallery.

    1. Vacation photos – the best option

    Do you want to demonstrate a potential girlfriend that you are an open-eyed dude who loves traveling and generally appreciates a good pastime? Post a photo from your last vacation.

    1. Try to use group photos rarely

    Just imagine: I take a smartphone, open a dating application, see your profile – and here are a few group photos. I have no idea who you are here, so I swipe left. Bye. You would do the same.

    1. Photographs of other people’s children can lead to embarrassing situations

    Of course, your siblings are super cute, and, of course, there are studies that show that women are more attracted to guys who get along well with children. But believe us – the ladies who see your profile will begin to think that this is your child. There inevitably will be a ton of questions. And the stingy inscription in the biography – “It is not my child” – is not the best way out of the situation. Better write something spiritual like “The kid in the fourth photo – Sean, my sister’s son, I love playing with him.”

    1. No photos of the car

    We’ll explain briefly. You are not a car. You are a man. Point.

    1. Diversity is the key to success

    In some applications, you can upload more photos, in others less. Tinder seems to offer you up to six. Of course, it’s not necessary to use all of them, but to download different photos, each of which displays some side of you, is a good idea, so you will show how interesting you are.

    1. Women don’t like hunting photos

    Everyone understands that you killed someone and now you want to tell everyone about it. But you show this to women. In most cases, the ladies get a little look of the corpse, and even less likely that, having seen this, someone will swipe in the direction you need.

    Remember that many applications use only square photos, so watch how they are cropped. And good luck!