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Mobile Apps For Writers

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  • Everything that we do these days happens on the mobile phone. Be it we are looking to exercise, looking for online casino games at kiwibetting.com to play and even studying.  As such it is no shock that even writers now have a number of mobile applications that they can use.

    Best Apps For Writers

    The Brainstormer

    There are times when the creative juices won’t start flowing. However, we now have a solution for that. And that solution comes in the form of a mobile application, The Brainstormer.  The application helps the writer think of different ideas by doodling, sketching, and journaling. As you spin the wheels of this application, you can feel your mind being retriggered again.

    Mind Node

    With this application, you are able to map out the ideas in your mind. It allows you to create the idea that is in your mind by the use of visual representations. Due to the fact that is a clear interface, your ideas are clearly mapped out. Giving you a distinct flow of events.

    Online Casino Games

    Online casino gaming application is a great way to give your mind a breather. As you play the casino online usa game, you will be able to see different characters from the slots. These can help your mind to open to an imaginable world of creativity.

    Agent Obvious

    There are days when as a writer, you feel low and lack confidence in your work. With Agent Obvious you are given over 500 tips from the literary agent Laurie Abkemeier. These will help to motivate you so that you can get on with the writing.

    Jotter Pad

    The best and worst part about creativity is that it doesn’t have a formula. It happens anywhere and at any time. With the Jotter pad, you are able to write down your ideas as they appear at any time during the day. Therefore you are able to keep a record of them to avoid scratching your head later on at night wondering where that idea you had at 2 pm went.