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Best comic books ever

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  • Before movies became so popular, reading comic was one of the best ways that people could have a great time. With comic books, readers would venture into the lives of both villains and superheroes. As such, there were so many comic books that were created. While others managed to be turned in cartoons and best online casino games, there are some that didn’t get so lucky. Regardless of this fact, these comic books still managed to keep people entertained. Below, we look at some of the best comic books of all time.

    Best comic books ever

    The Wicked + the Divine

    This is one of the best comics ever. It was released in 2014 and it managed to capture the hearts of so many people. This comic takes place in a world that has 12 deities that are called the Pantheon roam.  These were not ordinary deities as they had the ability to reincarnate into the bodies of the different people and give them supernatural powers. They would only be able to do for two years.

    The comic book focuses on a specific teenager called Laura Wilson who is the major Pantheon stan. Wicked will twist your mind and open your eyes into one of the most fascinating stories ever.

    The Vision (Marvel Entertainment)

    Those who follow Marvel movies obviously know about Vision. However, we have a Vision who is a bit different. Unlike the Vision that we see in the movies, here we have a totally different case. It would be a shame if we didn’t have a casino en ligne slot that was made after this comic.

    In the Vison, we see an android robot who longs to have the perfect family. He then sets about building one. However, as we all know that can be said to perfect and soon, the dram family of Vison turns in to a madhouse with problems coming from all angles.

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