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Pros and cons of Flutter for app development

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  • Flutter development services offer a great way for app developers to create mobile applications. For those who don’t know, Flutter is an open-source development framework that enables an efficient cross-platform in mobile app development.

    So in short, this development kit allows you to build an app both for Android and iOS at the same time, without needing to write two different codes for each platform.

    Flutter has become quite popular lately, so we decided to prepare a list of pros and cons of Google’s UI software development kit.



    As it was said before, Flutter allows you to build an app for two different operating systems at the same time. This means less code writing for you and your team.

    This could turn out to be a great money saver, since the less you code, the more time you save, and therefore the more income you manage to collect.

    Efficient coding and less testing 

    One of Flutter’s distinct features is the “hot-reload”. This feature allows you to see any changes the code has suffered in an instant, which will make the coding process much more efficient.

    Seeing the effects take place so quickly, without needing to restart the app will dramatically cut the testing process.

    Better app performance

    Due to Flutters clever optimization techniques, and the lack of OEM widgets or JavaScript bridges will make your app run more quickly and efficiently.

    Start-up times, scrolling and loadings will happen at a much quicker pace compared to other apps that did not use this kit.


    The app allows developers to create and customize their widgets. This is key to making your app more attractive and friendly towards your users.


    Different programming language

    Flutter does not use the regular languages such as Python or Java.

    Instead, it uses a language developed by Google itself, which is called Dart.

    Dart is still not a hard subject to learn, however, it is still something that you need to put some effort into understanding, thus slightly slowing the development time.

    This language is still quite new, so you might encounter some trouble in getting any information or tips on how to master it.

    Limited app size 

    Typically, Flutter based apps are bigger compared to others. This is because the platform comes with pre-built widgets.


    Flutter is still quite new, so support on creating an app based on this development kit can be quite scarce. Also, you can’t always find the features you need in your app on its libraries, thus needing to build them yourselves, increasing development time.

    However, Flutter continuously improving their app, so this issue will most likely be something of the past in the close future.


    With those being said, Flutter is a great platform that allows good quality app development for all sorts of developers to create apps by reducing their time and effort put into building their applications.

    Its cross-platform capabilities and easy to use interface are real-time and money savers for their users.

    However, this platform is still quite new, and it uses a different programming language. It will probably be a bit harder to get used to it, but once you do, there’s no going back to regular app development techniques.

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