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Amazing gifts for a comic book fan

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  • Buying gifts for just about anyone is difficult, but once you start throwing hobbies into the mix, that difficulty gets multiplied by 10. 

    Comic book fans are no different and, depending on just how much of a fan that they can heavily affect what they’ll appreciate and what they won’t. For example, if you’ve got a friend that loves Marvel movies, but isn’t too keen on paper comics – something Avenger’s themed will probably suit just fine.

    Naturally, if your friend is the exact opposite (loves the paper comics but isn’t fond of the films) then the exact opposite is likely true. This is where it gets difficult and the line between cringe and cool becomes blurred for those of us that aren’t all too knowledgeable about the topic. 

    But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with some of the most amazing gifts for all comic book fans – if you can’t find something here, you’re in for some bad news. 

    Grow your own Groot plant Chia Pet

    I’m not one for potted plants, but when they come in the form of my favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character – I’m all in.

    That’s right, you can buy a Chia pet Groot and instantly guarantee yourself the best gift award and still have a handful of change for a card and maybe a small cake. The kit comes with everything you need from the unique planter to the drip tray and chia seed packets required. 

    The great thing about chia pets is that they’re reusable and, once Groot’s hair is becoming just too much to handle, you can wash and replant as many times as your heart will allow. There’s plenty to collect too from Deadpool and Chewbacca to Rick and Morty – it’s the gift that keeps on growing. 

    Kool8 – Stainless steel water bottle 

    Next up on the list, we’ve got something that not only comic book fans will appreciate, but rather everyone with good taste and a thirst for hydration, the Kool8 water bottle

    What may seem like a simple gift has bags of benefits for your comic book fan, especially if they’re someone that cares about the environment. The bottle, created in Chicago, is doing its part to reduce the amount of plastic waste that we’re making from drinks bottles with a sleek stainless steel alternative. 

    There are 3 fantastic colors to pick and choose from, nicely matching with favorite comic heroes in a stylish space-age container. If that doesn’t quite do it for you, you might be interested to know that the bottle comes with the latest double-walled vacuum technology, keeping hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24. There’s even a tea-infused for those of us that love a good “cuppa” every now and then. 

    But it’s the company behind the bottle that are the real heroes with a selfless business model in place meaning that 20% of all profits go towards helping those that need it most. With every purchase, Kool8 is able to help by supplying clean drinking water and stainless steel bottles to some of the poorest places in the world. 

    Real-life superheroes. 

    Justice League vintage vinyl wall clock 

    Next up on the list, the Justice League vintage vinyl wall clock featuring some of the most popular heroes on the plane. 

    With Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and more all featured on the Justice League clock, it’s a clock you can count on to make your comic book pal pleased. The clock itself is handmade from a 12-inch vintage vinyl record, one that was actually used back in the day to listen to tunes.

    The clock movement is totally silent, perfect for keeping the clock in the bedroom and with a fantastic finish and design, it’ll look great too. 

    LEGO Batman keychain

    Something that I’ve got on my own keys next (and have done for the last 5 or 6 years) the LEGO Batman keychain. 

    I love this thing, probably more than anyone should love a keyring, and I’d recommend just about everyone to pick one up too. Having a tiny Batman by your side at all times makes you feel invincible and it’s exactly the sort of gift that comic book fans adore. 

    Combining two of life’s greatest brands (DC and LEGO), fans have multiple boxes ticked with this little charm. Plus, with the added benefit of a light (super useful for getting the keys into the door) it’s a great little gift that’s both charming and inexpensive. 

    Twinkle In Time – Personalized star map 

    One for the sci-fi and space lovers with a fully customizable star map from Twinkle In Time that’ll hang handsomely from any home or office space. 

    Those looking to purchase the 18″x24″ star map will be required to select a number of options including date, location and a personalized message (as well as stylish options) for the map to feature. This could be just about anything, depending on the reason for the gift, from “Happy Anniversary” with the date and location of your date to “First Time Seeing Star Wars” with the corresponding date and location. 

    This is where the clever stuff happens though as Twinkle In Time will take this info and show you exactly what the stars looked like on that date, in that location. In our eyes, there’s not a lot better than a personalized gift that actually means something and with the customized star map, you’ll be getting just that. 

    Marvel cufflinks set

    Last up on the list, the Marvel cufflink set featuring the perfect addition to any shirt with 5 different heroes to choose from. 

    With Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk all included in the set, it’s a safe bet for any comic book fan. What’s more, the set comes complete with a kraft box, perfect for gift-wrapping – all you need to do is use some wrapping paper, if you want to anyway. 

    A great gift for any comic book fan!

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