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How to play Online Poker cash games

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  • Poker games are available in several variations online such as Ring games, Sit-N-Go, MTT (multi-table tournaments), freerolls, etc. You can choose to play any of these formats according to your interest, playing style, and affordability. Regardless of whichever game you select, the rules to play are always the same. Try this HUD for PokerStars to get some extra help.

    There are lots of blogs, articles, forums, and video tutorials available online to learn about Poker rankings, starting hands, table position, bankroll management, pot odds, etc. Although the rules of the game are easy to learn, you need to practice the techniques and methods to ensure performing your best at the tables.

    If your objective is to make maximum profits, cash games are the perfect option for you! They not only help you improve your skills but also provides you unlimited opportunities to make big money. Also, check out roulette online where you can gain gambling experience with pros worldwide.

    Most Poker websites host the cash games around the clock and you can join the tables anytime you want. To play a real cash game, you need to pay a certain buy-in. If there are no other players on the table, you need to wait for them to join. If the table is already full, you can join the “waitlist”.

    How To Play

    Here are the important aspects of the game that you must know before you invest real money in the game –


    The blinds are always the same for each and every hand on a real cash table. When a player joins a table that is already running, he needs to either wait for the big blind or post an amount equal to the big blind to join the hand.

    Rebuy Rules

    At a cash game table, you can re-buy to maintain his involvement in the game whenever you are out of chips. You can rebuy only up to the maximum buy-in limit Also, you cannot bring more chips on the table during a hand. If you lose your chip stack while playing, you cannot re-buy to wager more chips into the pot. You can only buy more chips once the hand ends to join the next hand.


    To play a cash game, the bankroll should be minimum 20 times and maximum 40-50 times buy-in.


    Poker room takes a nominal fee from the pot in each hand which is called “rake”. It is calculated on the basis of blinds and the total size of the pot (usually between 1% to 5%).

    If you are hesitant to begin your journey at the real cash Poker tables, play online freeroll games. Adda52 is India’s leading online gaming site where you can get amazing Poker deposit offers, bonuses, loyalty program benefits etc. You can easily create an account on the platform and start playing your favorite games.

    If you are a beginner, you should start with playing at low stakes tables only. Move up to play at high stakes only when you are confident with your game knowledge and skills.

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