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Why you should consider a part-time degree

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  • Many people find themselves contemplating whether they should take up a part-time degree, particularly when they’ve already settled on one particular career path. However, life doesn’t have to be about choosing one or the other. A part-time degree allows you to earn an extra qualification, without having to completely relinquish your current job. Interestingly, you don’t even have to go to a physical campus these days to earn one.

    Financial security

    Those of us who went to a traditional college before starting a career will know that in early life, the expectation is to move out of your parents’ home and study solidly for three-to-four years. This isn’t always possible when we go into full-time employment, particularly if we have children to look after or no savings to tide us over. Taking up a part-time or online degree means it’s possible to earn as well as study, making this an ideal balance between the two.

    The ability to work alongside getting your degree also means that you also have the option of gaining industry experience. You could opt for a new job path that is closely related to your new field of study, enabling you to boost your resume as you go. Even if you have to take a bit of a wage cut in this new industry, you have the benefit of knowing you will be more qualified for more senior positions once you have graduated from your part-time degree.

    Job progression

    If you work in a corporate business, the company will usually provide the training. It’s much easier to climb the ranks if you are put on away-days, and have a tangible sense of how you reach the next level. In more public-based sectors, training often comes in the form of continued training and education. If you are a practicing nurse, for example, a MSN degree online would enable you to progress to leadership roles by providing you with the relevant educational backing. You would be able to simultaneously work your regular shifts and study when you get home, all without having to attend weekly seminars. You might find that taking the time to complete this degree after being away from work for a long time due maternity or illness will not only help you increase your chances of promotion but could help you in your return.

    Time to refine your interests

    When you’re in a full-time degree, you have three to four short years to decide what to do your dissertation about. If you’re in a more science-based degree, you have the same problem: a limited amount of time to find your specialism. The benefit of a part-time degree is the breathing space to decide what you want to specialize in. You can even do this before you sign up for a part-time degree, as you are no longer jumping through educational hoops.

    Studying for a part-time degree has a multitude of benefits for adults who don’t want to relinquish their career or financial security for a new job path. Instead, you can progress through the ranks of your current industry by becoming more qualified, or change career direction entirely, while still earning as you do so.

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