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5 Simple Tips That Will Aid You in Solving Anagrams

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  • Do you fancy playing scrabble, solving cryptic crosswords or puzzles? The capability to re-arrange a given set of words into a recognized pattern gets referred to as solving an anagram. You need to develop a specific skill set to spot trends within the least time possible. Some are better than others, but with the time, you can join the ranks of becoming a pro in anagramming. Below are simple steps that will assist you in solving anagrams and becoming a pro

    • Circular pattern

    When in a practical situation, try circularly placing the letters. It not only breaks the original order but also helps in avoiding potential misleading sound combinations. It’s also an easy way to see different alphabet letters that you can connect in the shortest time possible

    • Check the suffix or pre-fix

    The search for any potential suffix or pre-fix can be very daunting. You can look up online for sites that offer any common 2 letter words for playing scrabble. Check the most common pre-fix and suffix and try to fix them with other letters. Once you separate these two from different alphabets, it becomes easier to fix the rest. You need to be a smart anagram compiler and use game resource sites that have updated their dictionaries to make your game enjoyable.

    • Common as well as uncommon pairing

    You need to know letters that rhyme together and try to combine them. For example, the letter H tends to come after C, G, P, S, T, S, or W in most cases. The letter Q tends to be accompanied by letter U.

    It’s a wise idea to do away with any unlikely pairing of letters. They are letters that tend not to appear next to each other in most words.

    • Memorize multiple words

    To become a pro with top-notch anagramming skills, you ought to know various word groups. It not only builds your vocabulary but also helps you while solving anagrams.

    You will be quick to note that after solving anagrams for quite some time, there are words that tend to crop up. When you learn multiple words, you can be ready to notice these patterns and use them to your advantage while gaming.

    • Pay attention to the consonants

    The secret to most letter grouping is in the consonants. It is because these consonants tend to give shape as well as sound to a particular word. Try to focus on the consonants. Don’t forget to place them in a circle as it will become easier to combine.

    To have an added advantage, you should try to separate the consonants from the vowels. Then, try to pair the consonants. It will enable you to come up with unusual combinations where you can then proceed to add vowels.

    Where the vowels are more, look for common combinations such as IE, OU, and EA.

    The more anagrams you solve, the better you become. Don’t give up if it’s taking quite a while to get these anagrams. With patience and practice, you will emerge the best. Don’t forget to check out on game resource sites that offer all the valid 2 letter words for scrabble. It’s a fantastic opportunity to start your anagramming as you learn the ropes.

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