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Background Checking to Go Through Life

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  • People are on the move like they have never been before. The average American moves every four years. With this level of mobility, which is completely contrary to most of human history, you are less and less likely to have a neighbor that you have known since you were small.

    In this day and age, you are increasingly likely to run into people from very far away, not just from different towns and cities, but even different countries. As such, there might be certain assumptions about people that you can no longer make. Not only might you not have gone through the same local events as your neighbor, but you might even have slightly different quirks from them.

    Whether it is having a different favorite dish or having a different favorite sports team, as a general rule, the further away the places you grew up in, the greater the differences between the two of you. And since curiosity is a constant of the human condition, you might feel an itch to know more about this neighbor of yours.

    This is where a reputable background check company can come in handy. Now, contrary to what most people believe, there are quite a few things that are off limits in a background check. However, there are private investigators that are able to satisfy a healthy degree of innocent curiosity, within the boundaries of the law of course.

    What A Background Check Can Discover

    There are quite a few things a background check can come up with depending on the purpose of it. If you meet a new person on the street and strike up a good conversation, you can look up the person’s current address to see where they live in your town.

    Not only is this sort of information publicly available, but you now know where the person has moved into. You will probably not be able to dig up the person’s address history as that can count as an invasion of privacy, but with the current address known, you will be able to mail a birthday card without making any mistakes.

    On the flip side, background check companies can also help you locate the whereabouts of lost acquaintances who have been out of touch for a while. Similar techniques are used such as looking up the current posted address of the person. Again, all of this is done using legitimate, publicly available records.

    Now, this might sound a little odd to some, but you might also consider looking yourself up. Not for the purpose of being self-absorbed, but conducting a self- background check allows you to see what information about yourself can be looked up, I.e. what stuff can people find out about you if they looked you up.

    What Exactly Is in The Public Records?

    There are a number of items that are on public records, usually due to the nature of the item. One such item would be marital status. Because marriages are legally made and recognized by the courts, someone’s marital status is indeed the subject of public record.

    You can also look into someone’s date of birth as well as relatives. Since birth certificates include the time and date that you were born as well as your parents’ names, finding people’s relatives using public records is simply a matter of connecting the dots.

    Criminal records are also something that is available using public records. All recorded offenses are available for others to take a look at. The main exception would be records that have been legally expunged, which means even though something happened in the past in the eyes of the legal system, it no longer exists.

    Something to keep in mind is that even though public records must be made reasonably accessible to the public, what qualifies as “reasonable” is very much subject to interpretation. Many times, a person is restricted to availing one public record at a time and there are quite often costs associated with these sorts of requests.

    Balance Your Curiosity With Background Checks

    For better or worse, the increasingly impersonal nature of our societies combined with the enduring curiosity that is innate in most humans will result in inquiries being made. To be sure, most of these inquiries, if not the vast majority of them, are harmless albeit a little nosy.

    It is important that people do not cross certain boundaries of legal and indeed social acceptability when trying to find out more about a particular person. A good rule of thumb to remember is whether you would feel comfortable if the person you are looking up were to do the exact same thing to you.

    Ultimately, these sorts of mostly innocent investigations will be here to stay. The key is for us as members of society to balance our curiosity innate to our nature with a sense of what is in good taste.

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