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Expanding the Gaming Sphere

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  • Playing games is one thing, but the fun and often bizarre world which takes form around them is something else entirely. It’s only natural, as with popularization and expansion comes evolution. Players, developers, and spectators all put their heads together, and now and then these ideas consolidate into some real, appreciable, and actionable.

    Today, we want to have a look at what we consider the standouts in this gaming periphery and those which have had the longest-lasting influences.

    The Obvious – eSports Gambling

    For many gamers, traditional sports have never really held appeal. It’s not that we dislike the concept, rather it a matter of not being able to relish that with which we have little experience. We have always loved video games, however, and this makes eSports all the more appreciable.

    In the old days, we only saw the occasional money-matches at the local arcade. Today, however, major tournaments and professional websites bring things like LoL betting directly into your home. All of a sudden we can get hyped about sports, even riding money on our favorite picks, based on their performance, and our personal bias.

    This brings us to our next example…

    Pseudo Betting Insanity – Salty Bet

    Unlike with real eSports, there is no real money involved in Salty Bet, though you can wager fake money in this constantly running Twitch favorite. So what is Salty Bet?

    Salty Bet is based on an old fighting game engine called Mugen. Released back in 1999, this game launched with one character; the Kung-Fu Man. The big deal here was that this entire game was built around the idea of fans being able to create and import other characters. Sometimes these were OC, other times they would directly rip characters from other games, or create a combination of both.

    Salty Bet took thousands of these characters, made them all CPU controlled, and had them fight it out. Have you ever wanted to see Omega Tiger Woods take on Ronald McDonald? This is how you do it. Ridiculous, and stupid fun, this is the exact type of evolution that gaming needs.

    Cooperative Competition Carnage – Twitch Plays Pokémon

    Again tying into Twitch are the concepts as popularized by Twitch Plays Pokémon. As much of a game as it was a social experiment, TPP started in 2014 and quickly gained international attention. The concept behind this stream was that a game of Pokemon Red for the GameBoy would be played, and the Twitch chat could control this game by giving out directions. The game would choose which direction to take based on popular vote.

    Eventually, this turned into a competition between those who wanted to help finish the game and those who wanted to watch the world burn. After 16 continuous days of streaming and over 55 million total views, the game was finally completed. Since then, the idea has spawned many sequels and imitators, becoming a popular meme within certain circles.

    Of course, these are only a small taste of the interesting concepts which surround modern gaming. What are your favorites, and which little or big corner of this would you like to see find its time in the spotlight?

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