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5 Legit Methods to Earn FREE V-Bucks in 2019

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  • We get it. You are obsessed with Fortnite, and we don’t blame you. Even Drake is a big fan. One of the best features of this game is the massive amount of cosmetics available. Through these, you can customize your favorite characters and have fun. The only bummer is that you need V-bucks to purchase them.

    Using your credit card is the first way to get V-bucks. But wouldn’t it be so cool if you knew how to get free V-bucks? Gone are the days when you have to do all shady stuff and risk the safety of your computer or device to be able to get free V-bucks.

    With the correct method, effort, and a little patience, you can actually earn enough free V-bucks to be able to buy your favorite outfits, dances, and skins without having to spend a dime.

    There are so many scams out there and finding out how to do it the legit way can be hard. Lucky for you, I have come up with a list on how to get free V-bucks. Here are five legitimate methods that work 100%

    Method 1: EarnVBuck.com

    At the top of our list is the EarnVBuck website. It is a unique site which allows you to earn free V-Bucks when you accomplish very simple and easy tasks. The websites guarantee that they provide the highest supply of V-bucks from any other site. Before you know it, you will be grinding thousands of them for free.

    So what do you have to do? They offer you several ways to earn. One way is through offer walls. It provides you with a wide range of offers to earn V-bucks like downloading apps, answering quizzes, or even prize draws.

    You can also earn by watching videos or referring to your friends. If a friend of yours signs up by using your code, you will get 5% of all their lifetime earning; this is an excellent way to make thousands of free V-bucks and keep a constant supply for life.

    Are you always glued to your smartphone? No worries, EarnVBuck is mobile friendly so you can relax at your home and earn them. You’ll also be glad to know that some offers are exclusive for smartphones.

    EarnVBuck is a legitimate website, and all their tasks are pretty straightforward to accomplish. It is an excellent and easy way to earn thousands of free V-bucks.

    Method 2: Log in daily

    This is the most simple method in this list. If you love the game, all you have to do is simply login every day, and you will receive a small amount of the currency. This is a legitimate and probably the easiest method available to generate some free v bucks.

    Some of you may always be busy (aren’t we all?) and hence do not have the time to play the game daily. No worries! The bar resets daily, so you have to log in daily without actually playing the game. It’s as simple as that. Even for the busiest of people, it doesn’t take a minute to log in.

    Just start up your game daily and rack up those free V-bucks. The methods below are not as simple as this one, so if you are still a noob, it’s a nice way to begin. You are not going to be minting thousands of free V-bucks, but a few are at least better than nothing.

    Method 3: Complete daily Quests

    If you have been playing this game, you would have known by now that Fortnite has rotating missions from daily quests. Once you have completed each task, you will be generating free V-bucks. You can also use these to purchase items for the Fortnite battle royale mode.

    Here is a detailed list of each daily quests, and when you complete it, you will be rewarded with the coveted free Fortnite V-bucks:

    • Daily Destroy Tvs: If you can destroy 20 TVs in each successful mission, you can earn 50 V-bucks for each successful mission.
    • Destroy propane tanks: If you can destroy ten propane tanks in Fortnite’s industrial zone, you will be rewarded with 50 V-bucks.
    • Destroy teddy bears: In the suburban zone, if you can kill eight teddy bears, successful missions will provide you with 50 v-bucks.
    • Scouting industrial construction: Receive 50 v-bucks by discovering five industrial construction sites.
    • Destroy server racks: Demolish four server racks, and the successful missions will offer you 50 V-bucks.
    • Destroy park seesaws: If you can destroy eight park seesaws, you can get 50 v-bucks.
    • Destroy garden gnomes: Destroy three garden gnomes in Fortnite missions, and you can get 50 V-bucks
    • Destroy arcade machines: In every successful mission, if you can destroy six arcade machines, you will receive 50 free V-bucks.
    • Destroy fire trucks: Destroy three fire trucks in every successful mission, and you will receive 50 free v-bucks

    Method 4: Storm shield defence missions

    You can also get free V-bucks by successfully accomplishing shield defence missions. They are situated in various locations around the Fortnite map. But keep in mind that specific tasks are impossible until you reach a particular level.

    • 1st defence: Set up your storm shield one and guard your storm shield. At the end of this mission, you will receive 100 V-bucks.
    • 2nd defence: If you accomplish Homebase storm 2shield defence, you will get 100 V-bucks.
    • 3rddefence: Accomplishing the 3rd shield defence will reward you with 100 Fortnite V-bucks.
    • 4th defence: Complete the 4th storm shield, and you will get 100 V-bucks
    • 5th defence: You can get 100 V-bucks after you finish storm shield defence 5
    • 6th defence: Get 100 V-bucks when you complete the 6th storm shield defence

    Method 5: Battle Pass Challenges

    You do not really need to buy battle pass to receive V-bucks. But having it does increase your chances of getting free V-bucks. As a free player, you have access to three weekly challenges.

    These challenges include numerous tasks ranging from “kill this amount of players” to “collect this amount of wood”. Once you complete these tasks, you will get battle stars which will help you to level up your battle pass.

    As your rank increases, you will get numerous rewards like pickaxes, gliders, skins etc. but sometimes you can receive 100 V-bucks.


    This completes our legitimate how to get free V-bucks list. Fortnite is an exciting game and spending money on it will give you a leg up, but you don’t always have to. Don’t let your lack of money get in the way of enjoying one of the most popular games on the internet. These are tested and tried methods through which you can get free V-bucks, but you need to be patient.

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