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FIFA 20 and PES 20 set for epic gaming battle

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  • Football gaming fans across the world are in for a treat during September as two legendary titles are set to be launched.

    The FIFA 2020 versus PES 2020 battle promises to be fiercely fought, with the makers of both games promising players a plethora of new features.

    EA Sports has re-introduced street football into FIFA 20, with the exciting new ‘Volta’ mode looking like it could be a game all by itself.

    Konami has also added a new ‘Matchday’ feature, while new partnerships with Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus will bring added realism to their game.

    Read on as we look at what fans can expect from FIFA 20 and PES 20 this autumn.

    Weighing up the new features

    EA Sports have harked back to the wondrous ‘FIFA Street’ series by introducing an impressive-looking ‘Volta’ mode to FIFA 20.

    Players can take to a variety of street venues around the world to play a range of small-sided games where they can customise their gear and express their unique individual style.

    You can also control any of the licensed teams in the game, allowing you to take the likes of Sergio Aguero, Mohamed Salah or Eden Hazard and drop them into some unlikely locations.

    Konami has also introduced a brand new game mode called ‘Matchday’. Each week the developer will select a featured match such as Juventus versus Napoli and invite players to pick a side.

    You will play online in a series of one-on-ones, scoring points for passing, assists goals, victories and other different metrics.

    The two highest scoring players from each side at the end of the week will be invited to play-off in an online final.

    Bigger and better sponsorship

    Big brands often fall over themselves to link-up with popular games and the two main football titles are certainly no different in that respect.

    From drinks companies to casinos offering slots with no deposit and more, inclusion in the games can give organisations massive worldwide exposure.

    EA is restricted to the brands it can showcase in FIFA, but has previously used innovative ways to work them into the game.

    One such example was in FIFA 18, which saw rising star Alex Hunter embark on ‘The Journey’ that led him to the top of his profession and secure sponsorships with the likes of Coca-Cola and Adidas.

    For PES 20, Konami has renewed its partnership with Barcelona and Arsenal, while Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus will also be featured heavily.

    This will give their respective shirt sponsors even more exposure and add even more authenticity to the PES series.

    Ronaldo teams up with Messi

    Konami have pulled off a major coup by signing a deal with Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo to be the PES 20 cover star alongside Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

    The Portuguese forward was on the cover of the last two FIFA games, but the controversy over the sexual assault allegations made against him led to EA replacing him with Neymar.

    Juventus will also not feature in FIFA 20 after the club signed an exclusive deal with Konami to be included in the PES series.

    The news is undoubtedly a blow to EA, leaving the developer with a big hole to fill. The company plans to include ‘Juventus’ in the game, but under a different banner.

    The club, which will be called Piemonte Calcio, will have a new stadium, kit and crest, but the player names and likenesses will remain.

    Quite how this will go down with FIFA fans is anybody’s guess, particularly with players eager to have as much realism in the game as possible.

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