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John Marsten

What Makes a Great Game?

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  • When we think back to our favourite childhood games or our favourite games of today, you will notice that they aren’t always that similar. We might enjoy shooter games, car games, animated games or basic retro games. With so many different awesome games to choose from, what do they have in common? What makes them so fun to play and why do we love playing them? There are of course people who prefer to stick to a single genre, but most game lovers enjoy games because they incorporate a bunch of things that are the perfect cocktail for a great game.

    Great Games Have Great Soundtracks

    The best games have amazing soundtracks. Sometimes you may be confronted with a song for the first time through playing the game and any time you hear the song after that you connect it with the game. Music adds to the narrative of the game and builds suspense or intensifies the action. This is especially true at online casinos as well; games at Royal Vegas CA are one example where slots are made even better with music.

    Great Games Need Intriguing Narratives

    Narratives keep us hooked to films and they also keeps us hooked on the best games. A narrative that captures the imagination with twists and turns is the best and many game developers have came up with fantastic storylines already.

    Intuitive Controls Make Games Great

    When you encounter a brand-new game, you want to be able to pick up the control and just start playing without having to go through a learning process. Naturally, some learning may need to take place before you can command characters in a split second, but intuitive controls is always favourable? How do you make controls intuitive? You make them resemble the controls of other games in your gaming niche, whether that be sport, shooting or whatever else.

    Multi Narratives Are Key

    Earlier we mentioned just how important it is to have a killer narrative that keeps gamers engaged. Well, you actually need more than one, or should we say, you need a ‘replayability’ factor. Games can be costly and if you can complete it in a day it is not really excellent value for money. However, you can make it better value for money by enabling gameplay to take different routes with different endings.

    Sports games do this naturally as the outcome depends on the score line. Shooter and adventure games have the biggest challenge here but it is possible which you can see in games such as Red Dead Redemption.

    Remember Gaming is Personal

    These things all make games that little bit better but what you choose to play is completely down to you. Gaming is and always will be a personal experience even when made social with a headset. Choose the games that you enjoy most and never follow the crowd!

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