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10 Online Betting Tips To Maximise Your Payout

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  • No matter whether you’re a newcomer or an old hand at online betting, there’s a good chance you’re not doing enough to maximise your payout. You could simply trundle along, safe in the knowledge that you’re making just enough money to make you happy. Alternately, you could follow our 10 tips for success, supercharge your profit and launch yourself into a new era of raking in money from online betting. Here are our 10 tips to help you maximise your online betting profit.

    1. Take advantage of free spins

    One of the best ways you can ramp up your online betting profit is by taking advantage of free spins. Finding a good site that offers you a chance to spin an online slot for free means you’re increasing your chances of earning money without actually having to pay any out. It’s smart to look for the right site, because some sites have wagering requirements which mean you won’t quite get all your winnings.

    1. Know what you’re betting on

    If you’re betting on a sport, it’s definitely a good idea to brush up on the rules and make sure you know it inside out. It’s also a good idea to ensure you’re watching the game somewhere reputable and reliable – Sky Sports or ESPN are good options for this. If you don’t know the rules of the game, you won’t be able to make informed and smart decisions about where to place your bets.

    1. Think small

    It might feel tempting to simply place a bet on as many different teams or outcomes as possible, but this would be a mistake. Spreading yourself too thinly means that if you do manage to get a payout on a bet, you’ll barely make any money at all. It’s better to place an accumulator bet on a single team than it is to place bets on multiples, because the potential payout from bookies is much higher.

    1. Don’t favour the favourite

    The favourite in a game isn’t necessarily going to be the victor. Luck is a factor that influences games, but you should also be paying attention to prior form and current performance. Let’s say you’re betting on tennis and it’s Djokovic versus Cilic. You’d think Djokovic would win simply by virtue of being the better player, but Cilic could be on a hot streak, so betting on him could actually be the better decision.

    1. Try to get your bets in ahead of time

    Many bookies will offer you favourable prices or include offers in their betting if you bet with them in advance. Of course, this means you lose the advantage of being able to play it by ear on the day of the event itself, but if you’re confident in the outcome and you have reliable information, it’s a good idea to place your bet ahead of time. This can often lead to better outcomes financially. Having a good game strategy on esports bets can exponentially result on beating others who have been playing long before you started to.

    1. Don’t just bet on the big ones

    Football, basketball, tennis…these are all solid options for betting, and they’ll usually result in decent payouts. If you really want to find the money, though, you’ll opt for less well-known sports. Mixed martial arts is a good place to start, and if you really want to explore lesser-known niches you could try motorsports or esports. As burgeoning industries, these disciplines want to attract newcomers, which could mean better results for you.

    1. Don’t have favourites

    If you’ve grown up loving a particular team and you’re wanting to bet on sports, you really need to let that love go, or at least learn to sideline it when you’re betting. You don’t want to be making decisions with your heart, because doing so could lead to huge losses if your team isn’t making it this season. Bet with your head, not your heart, if you want to win.

    1. Pick your providers carefully

    Not all online slot machine developers are created equal. Some will offer better payouts and have better in-game bonuses than others. If you do your research, you’ll benefit from knowing who the best online slots providers, sports betting odds bookies, and other gaming companies are before you get started. You’ll increase your payout simply by knowing where the best payouts are happening.

    1. Don’t give up

    It might sound obvious, but you’re not going to increase your payout or your skill as an online bettor if you simply give up. Losses shouldn’t feel like setbacks; they should feel like learning opportunities, and you should use each one to learn what you did wrong and adjust your strategy for next time. Giving up guarantees you won’t win, but persevering means you can learn from your mistakes.

    1. Make sure you understand your bet

    Again, this one might sound like a no-brainer, but we’ve encountered many people who just don’t seem to know exactly what they’re betting on before they bet on it. Laying the favourite means betting against the likely winner, accumulators require all conditions to be met for payouts, and betting on the running mate means betting on the horse that’s setting the pace. You’ll need to know your terminology before you up your ante.

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