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Gaming as an excellent training regime

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  • You always hear baby boomers talking shit like ‘video games ruined newer generations’! Or ‘violent video games cause disasters to happen’! And all the other things that just simply aren’t true. And it’s been proven that they aren’t real. What is correct, though, is that games generally improve people’s reflexes and reaction time, as well as making them more aware of what’s going on around them. The reason for saying this is that there has been a study that tested this. And in this article, we are going to explain what that study concluded.

    First of all, the important thing is what kind of games you play. The University of Rochester conducted a study where they divided people into two groups. Guys that they picked for this experiment weren’t what you would consider ordinary game players with a habit of daily playing. No, they were actually a group of people that were generally inexperienced when it comes to gaming. But when they separated them, they gave them two types of games to play. The first group got action games, like Call of Duty, and the second group got a peaceful game like The Sims. They let them play these games for 50 hours, and after that they tested them. The tests were composed of, for example, simple questions and short visual presentations, and then they needed to answer/solve their tasks quickly. Well, the researchers concluded that people who play games that are packed with action were actually capable of solving every single question. And as accurately as their counterparts that played slow games, but even more quickly. This suggests that games develop faster reflexes and learning abilities with time, which can be pretty useful. Especially for learning in school, doing tasks on your job, or generally in very tricky situations. While people who played slow-paced games gave answers to these questions that were equally accurate, they took much more time. And a great thing about all of this is that games actually get to keep their new-found abilities.

    The University of Rochester actually assembled the group once again after a few months, and tested them all one more time, and believe it or not. The results stayed the same. So, instead of watching Fallout porn, we suggest that you start playing the original game. Because, you know, these abilities might come in handy one day. Whether you need to learn for an exam quickly, or you need to do a task that’s bothering you, and you want it to be over as soon as possible – it doesn’t matter. And maybe it can be useful in other kinds of situations. Let’s say you’re at a music festival, and you lose a friend, he’s somewhere in the crowd. Being aware of your surroundings, which gaming can teach you, will help you locate said friend early. Meaning that you can be more careful and safer wherever you go. All in all, instead of browsing porn games all day, you might as well get some useful ones and make yourself at home. People always say that gaming has no purpose, but with this study, those crazy theories are debunked. And it’s been proven now that playing games can be great for you, as long as you’re aware of what moderation is.

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