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Solving the Puzzle: Why Have Escape Rooms Become a Global Craze?

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  • The escape room industry is booming! Escape rooms are everywhere and people love them, but why? Explore the reasons behind the trend here.

    It seems like everywhere you look, a new escape room pops up. They’re in malls, shopping centers — heck, there’s a full-on Hollywood movie about them that grossed over $57 million!

    So what exactly is the deal with escape rooms, anyway, and why are they so popular?

    We’re just as confused as you, so we set out to dig a little deeper into the topic. Keep reading as we explore this new cultural phenomenon.

    They Bring out the Best in People

    Next time you visit an escape room with your friends or family, take a second to step back for a moment and watch their behavior. Though you’re in a stressful situation by design, you’ll notice that everyone is smiling, laughing, and helping one another out.

    Solving escape room puzzles isn’t a solitary experience. It’s about bringing people together and letting everyone use their skills for the good of the group.

    Spending time together in an escape room is ultimately a bonding experience and one that you’ll never forget.

    Escape Rooms Are like a Video Game Brought to Life

    The shouting. The Excitement. The mounting pressure followed by the sheer joy of solving the puzzle at the last possible second.

    Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to live out our video game or action movie fantasies. And escape rooms are the perfect place to live out those dreams.

    You and your friends are the stars of the show.

    Ever noticed how companies like Breakout Games use terms like ‘hero’ and ‘team’ when describing their rooms? It’s because escape rooms are designed to give you that same rush of adrenaline you get while playing a game.

    So while you may not ever be able to destroy a Halo ring like Master Chief or explore underground tunnels via a series of pipes a la Mario, escape rooms are the next best thing.

    Low Cost of Operation

    Escape rooms are fun, there’s no doubt about that. But we’d be remiss if we overlooked the other side of the coin and examined them from an owner’s point of view.

    Owners love escape rooms because they’re profitable. So profitable, in fact, that the average escape room generates $256,860 in profit.

    Best of all, they’re low-maintenance. All owners have to do is keep track of the time, reset clues, and let their patrons have fun.

    Moreover, they don’t require much space. While most escape rooms include multiple experiences, you can turn pretty much any space into an escape room as long as you have walls.

    Exploring the Global Craze of Escape Rooms

    So, to summarize, the popularity of escape rooms makes total sense. For patrons, they get the ultimate power fantasy, as well as some great bonding time with their loved ones. Owners, on the other hand, make a sweet profit.

    While it’ll be interesting to see how long the current craze lasts, we’re not the least bit surprised that escape rooms are as popular as they are.

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