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The Best 10 PC Games For Couples

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  • Gaming is an amazing way of meeting new people with similar interests, but also a great way of escaping the boring routine and rather stressful life. Many gamers turn out to be great friends, most importantly, friends who last. But who says games are just for those who are single? There are many steam games for couples, but also great shooting games to play with your partner.

    Did you know? Gaming is also a great way of spending time with your significant other, a person who means the world to you. There are many computer games for couples, you will experience different worlds, magic, and characters, explore great stories and enjoy it all together. However, if you are still single and wish to find a special someone with whom you could play games all night. Try out DoULike, a website designed to connect people with similar interests.

    If you are still looking for perfect video games to play with your girlfriend, take a look at my list!

    Portal 2

    Portal 2 is one of those games that will create a sense of accomplishment through a high level of teamwork. Featuring co-op multiplayer, Portal 2 will have you both occupied and thinking for hundreds of hours of community-created content on Steam. The base game is a great way to ensure you two function as a real team, but once you head into some of the maps community has made, you will realize how complicated it can all get. If you like to think and you know it takes two to make it all even better, you should certainly give a try to Portal 2, it will bring many good laughs.

    Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

    Lovers in a dangerous spacetime is an adorable game featuring retro, neon-based aesthetic. Not only this game is eye-catching right away, but it is also very teamwork demanding. Lovers in a dangerous spacetime will teach the two of you how to coordinate together, it will help you learn the importance of encouragement and true teamwork.

    World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft has to be mentioned on every list simply because it is a game for everyone to enjoy, but especially couples! Once you step into the World of Warcraft, you will be exploring the great Azeroth and its beauty. You will be learning about the lore of the game and also build a character as you go through. World of Warcraft is a great teamwork game, you will be leveling up, you will be doing dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, and quests. The two of you only have to decide who heals and who tanks!

    Borderlands 2

    Not everything has to be cute and adorable, right? Explosions, for example, they are a rather common thing in Borderlands 2! Borderlands 2 is an outstandingly well-made first-person shooter the two of you have to give a try. The art style of the Borderlands 2 probably reminds you of art you would usually find in a comic, due to clean black outlines and very bright colors. Borderlands 2 features various classes and different playstyles you pick as you play the game. Filled with fun low-brow humor, this game is still something to consider playing for a long time, there is just so much content in it!

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Left 4 Dead 2 is an amazing co-operative action horror first-person shooter taking you and your significant other into the world of the real zombie apocalypse. While this game can hold up to eight players, it is not any less fun with only two of you. You two will be having a blast by murdering hundreds and hundreds of zombies all the time. Who would have thought zombie-killing can be so much fun?!

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Elder Scrolls Online is a game filled with couples! This game is beautiful, not just because of a gorgeous story and beautiful gameplay, but because it is full of great people and Roleplay if you enjoy it. Many people have actually exchanged their vows in Elder Scrolls Online, maybe one day you could do the same? Just like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online is filled with magic and an outstandingly designed world.

    Life Is Strange 2

    Do you know how to appreciate great story-telling? Life is Strange 2 is a game filled with great content and a story that will leave you stunned right away. Featuring stunning visuals and hand-painted textures, this lovely game will make you realize how important decisions can really be in life. Aside from the great story and art, the soundtrack coming together with the game is something you will surely appreciate too!

    Overcooked & Overcooked 2

    If you two never played Overcooked before, you just have to do it right now! Overcooked and Overcooked 2 are both amazing games taking co-op experience to a whole new level. This game is all about your communication skills and the amount of pressure you two can handle together. Overcooked and Overcooked 2 are one of those games you just simply cannot do it alone, it is all about teamwork, co-operation, and coordination!

    Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley is one of the most adorable games out there for sure! Featuring very high ratings on Steam, Stardew Valley can really bring a lot of fun to the house. Who would not like being able to manage a big farm of watermelons with your significant other and their awesome building/decorating skills? Stardew Valley is a beautiful combination of farming simulation and RPG elements most of the gamers enjoy. This intriguing and extremely mysterious world of Stardew Valley is a top choice for many couples out there, you should certainly give it a try as well!

    ARK Survival Evolved

    ARK Survival Evolved is a real survival/crafting game for anyone who is not afraid to put the effort into building and development. While ARK Survival Evolved has a massive open-world you can explore completely on your own, it is all much more fun if there is the two of you! Make sure you two are always well-fed and hydrated and soon enough you will probably end up taming a dinosaur or two. ARK Survival Evolved will test out your human survival skills and also show you the beautiful work the developers have done to make the game look so beautiful.



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