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Are Comic Books As Popular As They Used To Be?

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  • Comic books have been popular for many years since they first appeared on shelves across the country. Many people flocked to their local comic book store to get the latest copy of Spiderman or the other popular stories that were being created at this time.

    Of course, with fewer people reading books and more people turning to the technology for entertainment, it is interesting to look at comic books and their popularity. Here, we are going to explore whether comic books are still as popular as they used to be or not. Keep reading to find out more.

    History Of Comic Books

    Comic books first became popular in 1933 in the UK. Comic books originally started out as small strips in the local newspapers but quickly grew to become comic books which had a full story with detailed graphics. Some of the biggest comic book publishers soon came onto the scene including DC Comics and Marvel which are very popular today. Comic book fans were totally engaged and couldn’t stop reading the amazing stories that were being created.

    Comic Books Today

    When people talk about comic books today, they are often referred to as graphic novels. This came about in 1964 when Richard Kyle coined the term. These graphic novels are much more popular today than you might think, and the big publishers have huge fan bases who queue outside comic book stores to get the latest issue. In June 2016, DC’s Batman #1 and Marvel’s Civil War II sold over a quarter of a million copies. This is a huge figure and it is one that has been beaten since by these publishers with their latest graphic novels.


    The great thing about comic books is that they can be enjoyed across various platforms. The stories are adaptable, and the same characters often appear in games. Take Spiderman, for example, there are many games including Spider-Man for the PS4.

    You’ll also find your favourite comic book characters on games online including at online casinos. casino.netbet.co.uk has slot games that feature famous comic book characters which have been created in partnership with the companies who created them.


    It would be impossible to talk about the popularity of comic books today without reference to the movies. Many of the biggest and most popular comic book stories have been made into blockbuster movies with Marvel taking the lead in this area. The best example of this would be the Avengers series with Avengers: Endgame being one of the best selling movies ever. This is due to the huge comic book fanbase along with those who enjoy the stories but have never read the comics.


    Finally, it is important to note those who still attend conventions to celebrate their favourite comic books and characters. Conventions such as Comic-Con are hugely popular in 2019 and they will remain important for many years to come.


    As you can see, comic books are still very popular today and they are not going away any time soon. Comic book stores are very important for many people and we expect comic books to still be popular for many more years.

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